Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Here Comes the Sun Edition

I don’t know what the weather has been like in the rest of the country, but it has been a rainy mess here in upstate New York. It’s just been grey, thunderstorms are a daily occurrence and, to add insult to injury, it has been on the chilly side.So this morning I was slightly confused by this bright orange globe in the sky. I’d almost forgotten what a sunny day looked like in Albany. I’m taking this as a sign of good things to come; the yucky weather certainly hasn’t done much to life people’s spirits lately (mine included).

Another good omen – the pop culture roundup! While I’m enjoying some sunshine, get yourself caught up on the pop culture that you might have missed in the last week.




  • Murder on the Orient Express:


  • Room 104:


  • The Mountain Between Us:


  • The Deuce:


  • American Made:


  • It Comes At Night:


  • Ballers, season 3:


  • Three new spots for The Dark Tower:




  • Preacher, season 2:


  • Broad City, season 4:


  • The Mist:


  • The Last Tycoon:


  • Seven Sisters:


  • Numb, at the Edge of the End:


  • Swedish Dicks:


  • Manhunt Unibomber:






Odds and Ends

Mashups and Supercuts

  • The Red Keep from Game of Thrones recreated in LEGOs:


  • A supercut of characters saying the name of the movie that they are in:


  • 40 Years of Hip Hop:


  • The Gang says God Dammit:


  • He-Man meets DMX:


  • Sesame Street parodies Orange Is the New Black:



Pop Culture Odds and Ends – American Gods Edition

Thanks to some downtime on planes and a three-day weekend, I’m pretty close to caught up on all of my shows. Of course, it helps that most shows are wrapping up their seasons and a lot of summer shows haven’t started yet, so there aren’t new things piling up on my DVR (though I haven’t started the new season of House of Cards yet, which is driving me crazy). The last few days I have been binging Starz’s adaptation of American Gods, which I have to say that I am really enjoying. I hadn’t read Neil Gaiman’s book and honestly wasn’t sure what sure what to expect from the series, but so far it’s really pulled me in. On paper I’m not sure that this is a show that would appeal to me, but I’m glad that I took a flyer on it. The pilot episode is definitely a little bonkers and four episodes in I can’t swear that I truly understand everything that is happening, but I like the ride that they are taking me on especially since I have no idea where its going. Good stuff.

Also good – this week’s pop culture roundup. The holiday weekend put a slight damper on the quantity of pop culture news, but certainly not the quality. So get yourself caught up on everything that you may have missed with the new edition of the week in pop.




  • Game of Thrones, season 7


  • Logan Lucky:


  • Wonder:


  • Ozark:


  • The Hitman’s Bodyguard:


  • Paddington 2:


  • Pennywise: The Story of IT Campaign:


  • Shimmer Lake:


  • The final season of The Strain:


  • Victoria and Abdul:


  • Castlevania:


  • Get Shorty:


  • The Little Hours:






Odds and Ends

Mashups and Supercuts

  • A drawing of every major Game of Thrones death (spoilers, obvs):


  • An 80s remix of “Somebody That I Used To Know”:


  • A mariachi cover of “Hopelessly Devoted to You”:


  • Playing Red Hot Chili Peppers – with a red hot chili pepper:


  • Fall Out Boy meets Britney Spears:


  • Terminator 2 recreated in GTAV:


  • Movie countdown:


  • Alien recut as a comedy:

Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Back from Vacation Edition

I have returned from my quick little getaway and reality was absolutely waiting for me when I did. I was only out of the office for three days, but that was apparently enough time for people to save up all their crazy until I got back. I had a pounding headache within two hours of being back in the office. At least this makes me appreciate my vacation all the more – I had five basically uninterrupted days of minimal responsibility. I really should take days off more often.

Because I just got back, this week’s pop culture roundup might not be as comprehensive as other weeks. I’m still catching up on things, so there may be some things that I missed. I think I hit all the high notes, though, so you shouldn’t feel too deprived. You’re still getting your money’s worth 🙂




  • The Glass Castle:


  • Spider-Man: Homecoming:


  • The House:


  • The Mummy:


  • How To Talk To Girls At Parties:


  • Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets:


  • Casual, season 3:


  • The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance:


  • Tour De Pharmacy:


  • Friends From College:


  • Logan Noir:


  • F Is For Family, season 2:


  • Can’t Stop Won’t Stop:


  • Orphan Black, final season:


  • Good Time:


  • The Emoji Movie:


  • Austin Found:


  • Despicable Me 3:


  • Okja:


  • The Wedding Party:


  • Flaked, season 2:


  • The Alienist:






Odds and Ends

Mashups and Supercuts

  • If “All Star” was a TED talk:


  • Earth, Wind & Ozzys:


  • Deadpool trailer remixed:


Orange is the New Black Mirror: