12.12.12. Concert for Sandy Relief

Last night, like I suspect a lot of people, I tuned in to the 12.12.12 concert for Sandy relief. I was kind of surprised that I had so many options as to where to watch the concert; it aired on dozens of channels and was streaming live on-line on over a dozen websites. It was nice to see that so many different networks and sites came together to make sure that many different audiences could watch the concert.

Of course, I don’t know how diverse the audience for this concert was. It definitely skewed toward older white guys – the only woman to headline was Alicia Keyes and she and Kanye West were the only people of color – and there was a surprising British bias with acts like The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, The Who, Chris Martin, Roger Waters and Paul McCartney. It makes sense that the participants would skew toward the Baby Boomer set, as they have far more money to contribute than young adults. The tickets to this show weren’t cheap and the goal was to attract as much money as possible. I also think that younger people would me more likely to tune into a concert featuring “classic rock” that vice versa; I don’t know how many Boomers would be watching a set list featuring Justin Bieber and One Direction. I don’t know that I would watch that. I am right in the middle of these age groups, but my musical tastes skew toward the performers that were featured. In fact, I’ve already seen a large percentage of them in concert.

I enjoyed the concert, though it was pretty long. I fell asleep for the end of it, which is not a reflection on the musical performances but a result of the cold medicine I took earlier in the evening. Even with the 7:30 start time, the concert rocked out until the wee hours of the morning. I don’t know how those people in the audience were still awake. At least it looked like the people on the floor had seats; the few times I’ve done the floor it has been standing room only and you have to get there hours ahead of time to get a good spot. That is a long time to be on your feet.

Some random thoughts that I had during the concert:

  • Kicking it off with the Boss. The right way to do it. BRRRRUUUUUUCCCCCCCEEEEEE!
  • Liking the song selection – you really can’t be more on the nose that “My City in Ruins.”
  • The Boss’ pants are awful tight. They leave absolutely nothing to the imagination.
  • Bon Jovi and The Boss together on stage? That might be too much for the good people of Jersey to handle.
  • Text of the night goes to my brother who asked me if Jon Bon Jovi and Chris Jericho (WWE professional wrestler) are the same person. He’s not wrong; I never noticed the similarity before.

AtOLTkfCAAAZ3uj.jpg large

  • I was a little disappointed in Roger Waters – he doesn’t really have a good voice anymore. Now I’m wondering if I didn’t notice this over the summer when I went to see The Wall because there were so many other cool things going on visually. Maybe that is the whole point – distract the audience with the special effects.
  • If you are going to announce that Eddie Vedder is making an appearance during the Waters set, it is probably best to not have a guy who looks slightly like Vedder sing some of the songs before Vedder appears. Twitter was freaking out – they thought Eddie had bailed and they were using a reasonable facsimile of Vedder to stand in. I knew that Vedder wasn’t appearing until “Comfortably Numb,” as Waters had said so the night prior on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I had inside information that apparently no one else had.
  • It is amazing – every time I see Vedder, I am immediately transformed to being 14 years old again. Pearl Jam is allegedly working on a new album and will tour next year; if so, count me in. I haven’t seen them live in over a decade.
  • Brian Williams seems like he’s losing it. He was goofy. At one point he said something about swinging a dead cat.
  • Reaction seems split on Adam Sandler’s rewriting of Cohen’s “Hallelujah” as “Sandy Screw Ya,” but I thought it was pretty funny. I’m a sucker for a Sandler song parody.
  • Ugh. What is Kristen Stewart doing here? And more importantly – why does she look so terrible?


KStew bought her patented joy and sunshine to the proceedings. She looked so miserable and unhappy to be there that you would have thought that she lost her home in Sandy.

  • Bon Jovi got to do their own set, but it is hard to rock out in a black turtleneck (I’m looking at you, Jon). Questionable fashion choices abounded.
  • If anyone was wondering, Clapton is still God. I love him; I pretty much wore out my Timepieces cassette back in the day. It took tremendous restraint not to buy tickets when I heard he was coming to Mohegan Sun Arena. I really, really want to see him live, but I need to remember I afford to go see everything.
  • The Rolling Stones set was only two songs. I was really surprised that they were on stage for such a short amount of time. I know that they were a late edition, but I wish they had been given more time.
  • Alicia Keys looked beautiful and was great; I was curious why she didn’t play “Empire State of Mind” during her set, but it turns out that was saved for later in the show. Otherwise that would have been a curious choice.
  • Very cool to see so many cast members from The Sopranos answering the phones in the phone bank.
  • Oy. Poor Steve Buchemi. What should have been a nice segment about the rescue and relief work that The Graybeards, a community organization in Rockaway, did after Sandy. Instead it was a bunch of drunk guys who totally derailed the segment by interrupting Buchemi and manhandling the poor guy. Probably should have waited to knock a few back until after they were on TV. Still, good on them and the work they do.
  • I’ve never considered myself a big The Who fan, but they put together a solid set. Nice tribute to Keith Moon during “Bell Boy.” I also never fail to think about Paul O’Neill when I hear “Baba O’Reilly,” as that was his at-bat music when he was a Yankee. And no, the name of that song isn’t “Teenage Wasteland.” Get it right people.
  • I probably could have done without Roger Daltrey undoing his shirt, but if I’m in that good of shape at his age, I’d probably flaunt it too.
  • Funniest line on twitter: Someone pointing out that Daltrey has more than a passing resemblance to Mama from Mama’s Family (a show that I admit to loving, even if it isn’t very sophisticated). It’s the hair.


  • Ellen DeGeneres apparently looks like a lot of aging rockers; lots of people were compared to her throughout the night on Twitter.
  • We’ve hit the part of the night I was most looking forward to – how is this audience going to react to Kanye West, who they probably know mainly as the guy who was mean to Taylor Swift (in retrospect, West may have been on to something. Swift is super annoying).
  • Dear God, what is Kanye wearing? It’s some sort of hoodie/leather kilt ensemble. Fabulous. (Kanye’s skirt now has its own twitter account)
  • Look, I like Kanye, but I think he is totally miscast on this concert bill. This isn’t his crowd and they are giving him too much time. I’d love to see him live, but I don’t think he fits at this show.
  • At this point, I fell asleep. I really, really wanted to see the later acts, but it was just getting too late.
  • I was supper pissed that I missed a surprise appearance by Michael Stipe with Chris Martin
  • Billy Joel was reportedly solid as always. He’s really the best; I don’t care if it isn’t cool to like Billy Joel, I totally do.
  • Of course, the big news of the night was that the surviving members of Nirvana were reuniting to perform with Sir Paul McCartney. Courtney Love was none too pleased, but who cares what she things anymore? (This coming from someone who liked her band Hole). I am more likely to entrust Cobain’s musical legacy with his former band mates than with her at this point. She really needn’t have worried; they didn’t even play any Nirvana songs, but instead unveiled a new song, “Cut Me Some Slack” that will be in the movie that Dave Grohl’s upcoming movie. And Sir Paul still knows how to rock.

My main complaint about the evening, other than the length and Kanye not really fitting in, is that is difficult to find any footage of the performances online. Perhaps that will change in the next few days, but if they want to boost album sales for the benefit album, they should probably make the music more accessible to people who were unable to stay up until the show ended. I think the show even went over the scheduled time, so anyone who DVRed it probably missed some performances.

Otherwise, it was a nice evening for a good cause. I’m not usually a fan of watching concerts on TV – if you aren’t there, what’s the point – but this was a rare exception. I just hope that all the people that were watching opened up their wallets to contribute something for all the free entertainment that they received. All the performers donated their time –no one was paid for their performance. You can still make a donation here.

Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Halloween Edition

Tonight trick or treaters will descend upon residences across the nation, in search of the elusive homes that give out full sized candy bars. I never did find them during my trick or treating tenure, but I have heard that they exist. Unfortunately I found plenty of houses that gave away raisins. May tonight’s participants in the Candy Games have better fortune.

So in between handing out goodies to members of the Avengers, Disney princesses and sullen teenagers with pillow cases, check out your biweekly roundup of pop culture stories.

  • The children of New Jersey may get a delayed Halloween, but they will get it. Governor Christie has said he will issue an Executive Order to move Halloween if things are too dangerous. A lot of people have been making fun of this, but I think it’s a nice gesture. I remember how devastated I was when I was little and the pediatrician said I was too sick to go trick or treating. One dramatic crying fit later and my parents were driving me house to house so I could still participate, if on a limited basis. So I’m glad that the children of Jersey won’t be disappointed. They need something to look forward to.
  • Inexplicably, amid all the terrible destruction and damage in New Jersey, The Jersey Shore house was untouched. I was not one to believe in the Mayan prophesy, but this might be enough to convince me.
  • More big news – the new season of Community finally has an official air date. The good news is that the show is back on Thursday nights. The bad news is that the season won’t start until February 7, 2013. NBC – YOU ARE KILLING ME!
  • In other news from the peacock network – NBC has passed on the Dwight Schrute focused The Office spin-off, The Farm. As of now, we’ll still see the pilot episode; it will air as an episode of The Office as originally planned. It probably can’t be worse than Mockingbird Lane, the failed pilot for NBC’s update of The Munsters that they burned off last week. Yowza – that was terrible.
  • NBC has also halted production on the ratings challenged Up All Night and will bring it back as a multi-camera show filmed in front of a studio audience. I’m really not sure how that is going to increase viewership, unless they are banking on audience members forcing their friends and family to watch to see the episode that they saw tape. Otherwise, I think this is putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound.
  • One last NBC note – for reasons that I do not understand the network is pulling all their Thursday night comedies this week. Instead, they are allegedly airing a repeat of The Voice. You read that correctly – A REPEAT. However, since 30 Rock has an election focused episode and Election Day is Tuesday (vote early and often!), 30 Rock will air tonight (Wednesday) at 8 pm. I officially give up on figuring out this network; perhaps the newly unemployed Crystal the Monkey (RIP Animal Practice) is now in charge of programming. That being said, they are doing better by 30 Rock than poor Community – their Halloween episode will air sometime in March.
  • Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants on winning the World Series! I was pulling for them, though I will admit that I don’t think I watched one inning of the World Series this year. Even when the Yankees aren’t in it, I usually catch a game or two, but that just didn’t happen this time.
  • The first trailer for Iron Man 3 has been released

They were scouting a local location for this movie, but that apparently didn’t come to pass. Maybe for The Avengers 2?

  • I got a kick out of this Esquire article about the author’s experience at a casting call for The Rock’s new reality series The Hero.
  • In a recent interview Total Film magazine, Quentin Tarantino  hints that Inglourious Basterds and the upcoming Django Unchained are two pieces of an unofficial trilogy. I’m on board.
  • Mark your calendars – new episodes of Arrested Development are coming to Netflix April 2013.
  • What the what? Will Ferrell did an ad for Old Milwaukee beer – airing in Sweden.


  • Adam Sandler’s next movie will be a Western. God help us all.
  • Chloe Sevigny will star in a new cop drama for A&E.
  • Paul McCartney does not blame Yoko Ono for the breakup of The Beatles. So that settles that.
  • George Clooney’s next directorial effort has quite the cast: Daniel Craig, Cate Blanchett, Bill Murray, John Goodman and last year’s Oscar winner for Best Actor, Jean Dujardin.
  • Axl Rose gave his first live interview in a decade on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Behold:


  • My new favorite tumbler? Kanye Wes – a mashup of Kanye West and Wes Anderson.

Now for some Halloween-specific links:

  • Mike Myers as Michael Myers?


  • Paste has compiled the 20 best horror movies currently streaming on Netflix Instant.
  • The Awl looks at underrated horror movie heroines.
  • Here are some pretty cool pumpkin carvings.
  • I’ve been fairly open with my criticism of Modern Family, but I did enjoy seeing the show re-cut as a horror film. Clowns are always scary.


  • And finally – The Exorcist as an 80s sitcom:

Still better than According to Jim.

Have a safe Halloween!

Looking for a way to help in the recovery from Hurricane Sandy? To donate to the Red Cross, visit www.redcross.org, call 800-Red-Cross or text the word “Redcross” to 90999 to make a $10 donation. Please also consider donating blood as over 100 blood drives were cancelled because of the storm. To donate, call 800-933-2566 or visit www.nybloodcenter.org.