Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Kick off the Weekend Edition

Some technical difficulties and a wonky schedule this week mean that you are getting your pop culture roundup a few days late. Apologies to anyone who was disappointed, but I tried to make it up to you with an extra-long batch of links. With Sundance, The Television Critics Association winter meeting and awards season all happening at the same time, there was no shortage of news to report. This is actually the condensed version of links! So while most of the country is in a deep freeze, grab a blanket and stay inside all weekend pouring through the last 2+ weeks in the world of pop!

  • Last night was Adam Scott’s final installment in his The Greatest Event in Television History specials. They ended with a bang, with Scott and Paul Rudd recreating the opening credits to Bosom Buddies:

I will miss these.

  • HBO has passed on the Sarah Silverman pilot, People in New Jersey. Boo!


  • As someone who regularly hangs out with our interns at the office, this Conan bit made me literally laugh out loud:


  • Adrian Grenier was almost Dawson on Dawson’s Creek. I didn’t think it was possible to make that character more awful, but that would have done it. #Pacey4Life
  • This will make some people I know happy – the first photo from Dumb and Dumber To:


  • Bam! Pow! The original Batman TV series with Adam West is finally coming to home video. So. Much.Kitsch.

Now for some news on the Super Bowl:

  • The Full House guys are reuniting for a yogurt commercial:


  • Good news for the Bronies out there – the Bronytunes app allows you to stream 7,000 different songs about My Little Pony.
  • One Direction will appear on the show:


  • This is kind of cool – watch Quentin Tarantino and Steve Buscemi rehearse Reservoir Dogs:


  • The first poster for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I have been released (and it doesn’t look much different than the poster for the previous two films):




  • One of the stars of Shipping Wars has died.
  • Watch a one armed teen scare The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus:



  • A teaser trailer for FX’s The Strain:


  • I bailed after J.R. died, but here’s a trailer for the 3rd season of the new Dallas:


  • A new trailer for The LEGO Movie, which I really want to see:


  • Chloe Sevingny’s new show, Those Who Kill:


  • James Franco’s Child of God:


  • Showtime’s new creepy thriller, Penny Dreadful:


  • A very Syracuse-y trailer for Adult World, starring Emma Roberts and John Cusack


  • A new prom for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:


  • I did far better than I expected on this SNL quiz, thanks to some catchphrases from the 90s.
  • Just because, here’s a photo of Tupac and Suge Knight playing Sonic the Hedgehog:


As always, we end with the mashups and the supercuts:

The film Her seems to have inspired a lot of parodies:

  • A trailer for Him:


  • Her starring Sex and the City’s Samantha Jones:


  • If you ever wondered what Game of Thrones would look like if it was set in ancient Japan (and who hasn’t?), wonder no longer.
  • As a fan of independent films, this parody trailer made me giggle:


  • Mean Girls by cats:


  • A supercut of every Nintendo start screen….ahh memories:


  • A hipster remake of American Psycho:


  • Donald Glover’s last episode of Community was last night; here’s a Childish Gambino/Community mashup to help ease the pain:


  • It was only a matter of time- someone mashed up Haim’s “The Wire” with footage from The Wire :


  • Watch a supercut of “Let It Go” in 25 different languages:


  • Teen Wolf of Wall Street:


  • A supercut of Larry David’s best insults:


  • And finally…The Facts of Life/Breaking Bad mashup you didn’t even know you needed:


Have a great weekend!!!

Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Breaking Bad Edition

I normally have a lot of Breaking Bad info in these pop culture roundups, but with the show recently returning for its final eight episodes ever (SOB!), there was more awesome info than normal this week. I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, so sprinkled throughout the roundup is an abundance of links related to the show. And for the love of all that is holy, if you aren’t watching this show get to steppin’. You are missing out! So kick back and bring yourself up to speed on all the pop culture that you may have missed over the last two weeks. Let me be your pop culture curator.

  • N’Sync is rumored to be reuniting at the MTV VMAs on Sunday, which now forces me to watch the VMAs. I’m skeptical as I’m not sure what Timberlake gets out of this. But I do hope it happens.


  • Jimmy Fallon is doing a Breaking Bad parody. This will be amazing.


  • It’s hard to get excited about football season when you root for the Bills, but I do love when the Manning brothers do commercials:


  • This is an interesting casting rumor (emphasis on rumor) – could Charlie Hunnam play Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey film adaption? By the time this movie comes out, will anyone still care?
  • Friday Night Lights, the movie? Make it happen!
  • HBO has released a trailer for the new season of Girls:


  • NBC is clearly in the Jonathan Banks (Mike, Breaking Bad) business. After a guest appearance on Parks and Recreation, the actor will be a regular on Community.

A quick break for the depressing stuff:

  • Lisa Robin Kelly, who played Topher Grace’s older sister Laurie on That 70s Show, died. She was 43.

OK – back to the more lighthearted links.

  • Blog fave Dean Winters (Dennis the beeper king on 30 Rock) is headed to the new Andy Samberg comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
  • Oprah gives away cars when she is just a guest on a show. Mental note – get in the audience when Oprah is on a talk show.
  • A trailer for the new season of Homeland:


  • Jay Leno’s last night on The Tonight Show will be February 6th. Believe it when you see it, Jimmy.
  • Mark your calendars: the third installment of Adam Scott’s The Greatest Event in Television History drops on November 7th. Nothing is confirmed, but speculation is that they are doing the opening credits from Too Close for Comfort.
  • Ha! Billy Ray Cyrus does look like fat Mac:


photo from Uproxx

photo from Uproxx

  • Whoa – it’s Walter, Jr. from Breaking Bad:


Photo from Uproxx

Photo from Uproxx


  • A tweet from Sons of Anarchy creator and showrunner Kurt Sutter makes me very nervous.
  • The chicken fight from Family Guy was never one of my favorites, but kudos to these two stunt women for the live action re-enactment:


  • This new trailer for season 3 of Revenge has piqued my interest:


  • The new channel FXX, which will show new episodes of The League and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, launches September. Use this handy website to find out if FXX is available on your cable system (Phew- it is for me!). The network is off to a promising start with a Parks and Recreation marathon.
  • This slowed down version of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” is pretty cool:


  • The house from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is for sale.
  • This Avril Lavigne music video is a little nuts:


  • The White House Twitter account made a Mean Girls reference:

White House Twitter_Mean Girls

  • My birthday is a month from today and I would sure like it if someone bought me this Breaking Bad Lego set.
  • Another pop culture roundup, another American Horror Story: Coven teaser:


  • I’m surprised it took so long; watch a guy crowd surfs in order to “Come on Down” On The Price is Right:


  • Benedict Cumberbatch had a message for the papzrazzi trying to get spoilers on Sherlock:


Getty Image

Getty Image

  • In this trailer for Fading Gigolo, watch Woody Allen act as a pimp for John Turturro. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write.


  • I’ve always like Donal Logue, so I’m not surprised he helped a stranger propose. P.S. Terriers is now streaming on Netflix – do yourself a favor and watch this late great series.
  • J.J. Abrams released a mysterious trailer on Monday.

Turns out it was for a book.

  • Listen to the Breaking Bad theme played on meth lab equipment:


As always, we end with the mashups and supercuts

  • Mean Girls mashed up with Book of Mormon


  • Here are some super cuts of movie clichés. First up “You just don’t get it, do you?”


  • Phone numbers that start with 555:


  • Superheroes introducing themselves:


  • Vulture put together a supercut of all of John Oliver’s explanations for Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show absence.
  • Nerdist put together a Breaking Bad/Saved by the Bell mashup:

Dustin Diamond was available? I’m shocked.

  • Behind Elysium (A Behind the Candelabra/Elysium mashup)


  • The opening of Adventure Time done in Legos:



Another installment of a Seinfeld/Game of Thrones mashup:


  • Ha! Thor meets Arrested Development in Thorested Development:


  • Breaking Bad recut as a romantic comedy:


  • President Obama “sings” Demi Lavato:


  • Listen to “Total Eclipse of the Heart” in the style of other divas:


  • We Are Never Ever Gonna Cook Together (Taylor Swift/Breaking Bad parody)


  • And finally – Walter White “sings” “My Way”

Sneak Peek – Drunk History

I went to college. I was in a sorority and hung out with fraternity brothers and athletes. I’ve been to over 35 weddings. I’ve tailgated before professional sporting events. I spend 6 hours some Sundays at a bar watching football. I’ve helped many people celebrate their 21st birthday. I’ve gone out on New Year’s Eve. I’ve gone wine tasting in Napa Valley.

In other words, I have spent some time around intoxicated folks.

Now hanging out with people that are drunk when you are also drinking and/or intoxicated is usually pretty fun; sure there might be some misunderstandings and drama, hijinks may ensue and none of you may have a clear understanding of what actually happened the night before, but at least you are all on the same page. Hanging out with sloshed people when you are stone cold sober is a horse of a different color. News flash – drunk people can be really, really annoying, especially when you can’t participate in the festivities for pesky reasons like you’re pregnant, on antibiotics or have other grown up responsibilities. They talk too much and don’t make a ton of sense, get overly emotional (that would be me), act inappropriately and just generally can be difficult and irrational.

But if you know how to handle it right and channel their tendencies, drunk people can be endlessly entertaining. The comedy for the most part is unintentional on their part, but with the right attitude and seizing the right opportunities being the sober person in a sea of booze hounds can be awesome.

The people behind the new Comedy Central show Drunk History obviously know this. Based on a web series that appeared on the site Funny or Die, the program has a simple yet brilliant premise – ask drunk people to tell you about an important historical figures or events and then do recreations based on their versions of history with famous comedians. For example, one narrator may slam six vodka cranberries and then explain Ben Franklin’s kite experiment while Jack Black (in the role of Franklin) reenacts the rambling and usually inaccurate explanation of what occurs. The results are absolutely hilarious; while watching the web episodes and the episode of the new series, I was laughing a lot. It was all so ridiculous and yet so familiar; if you have ever listened to a friend who has one too many try and tell you a story, you know how amusing an unreliable narrator can be. This is that times a thousand.

The web series episodes are approximately five minutes long and they wisely decided to keep the short length for the new Comedy Central series. The short length helps keep the viewers’ attention – a rambling storyteller is only funny for so long before it becomes more annoying than amusing – and is probably a necessity given the premise of the show, as people who are trashed are not necessarily known for their attention span. The clock is also ticking on how long a person under the influence can semi-coherently ramble before they pass out or just people too much of a mess. You don’t want to cross over from funny to pitiful. The new episodes of Drunk History therefore “explain” three historical moments per episode; in the episode that I previewed, they covered the Lincoln assassination (John Wilkes Booth was played by Adam Scott), Watergate (Nixon was portrayed by Bob Odenkirk) and Elvis meeting Nixon (Jack Black as Elvis, with my dear pal Dave Grohl in a bit part). Every bit was tremendously comical and I found myself second guessing myself as to the historical accuracy of some of the tales. Some parts of their recounting are obviously wrong, but other parts made me think “wait, what DID happen?” When watching the web series, I was embarrassed that the always funny (and highly intoxicated) Jen Kirkman knew more about Oney Judge than I did; I actually didn’t know anything about Judge, which is a condemnation of my history teachers (or I just wasn’t paying attention – that is known to happen).

The historically questionable narrators are great, but the way that the actors reenact the drunk versions of history are what really make the show. The actors all mouth the dialogue that the tanked narrator provides, no matter how ridiculous and the actors’ commitment to playing it straight adds an additional layer of lunacy to the proceedings. They got some really outstanding people for the web series – John C. Reilly, Don Cheadle, Michael Cera, Danny McBride, Will Ferrell, Jim Carrey, Ryan Gosling (!) – and I look forward to see who they line up for the Comedy Central show. Kristin Wiig is to appear as Patty Hearst in an upcoming episode, which I am looking forward to.

I’m not actually 100% sure that these people are necessarily drunk; if you told me that this was all an elaborate ruse, I wouldn’t be surprised. But it wouldn’t really matter – they all play a drunk very convincingly and the result is so funny that it doesn’t matter to me if these tales are in fact the organic ramblings of a drunken mind or a performance piece that was prewritten. If it is all fake, I give credit for their commitment – in the web series, one narrator gets spectacularly sick. If he’s faking or just made himself do that without being intoxicated, that’s impressive.

I highly recommend checking out Drunk History – the web series episodes are all available on YouTube and Funny or Die and Comedy Central has made an episode of their new series available on-line. I don’t know if I will eventually get tired of the premise – probably unlikely as I am a fan of history and alcohol – but last night was the hardest that I have laughed at a new series in a long time. It’s suck a clever idea that I am really bummed out that I didn’t think of it.

Cheers to the people behind Drunk History – learning about the past has never been quite so enjoyable!

Drunk History debuts on Comedy Central on Tuesday July 9th at 10 pm (ET). Set your DVRs!