Sneak Peek – Difficult People


If you click on the links in my weekly pop culture roundup, you are probably familiar with the website Vulture; it’s one of my go to sources for news, commentary or recaps of all things pop culture. They do a great job and they are a model for what I’d like this blog to be (given the restraints that I do this for free and don’t have a staff). Last year, they kicked off Vulture Fest, a yearly festival devoted to pop culture with panels and events – sort of like a very small, very focused comic-con. The dates didn’t work for me last year, so when this year’s festival came around I was delighted to discover that I had not already committed myself for that weekend. I decided to go small and only attend one panel to get a taste of what the festival had to offer and as a nod to some concept of fiscal restraint. Looking at the schedule, there were a lot of cool events – the lure of a Q&A with Jerry Seinfeld was very strong – but once I saw an opportunity to be in the same room as Amy Poehler, my decision was made. I’ve already seen Seinfeld in person a handful of times, but when was I going to have the chance again to hang out with Leslie Knope?

Poehler was on the panel for a new Hulu show called Difficult People, for which she serves as an executive producer. Poehler also helped bring Broad City to television – if you’re not watching, you should be – so she has a proven track record in the shows that she chooses to be associated with. Difficult People has a strong comedy pedigree even without Poehler; the show was created by, written by and stars Julie Klausner, a comedienne who I enjoy (especially her book, I Don’t Care About Your Band), and co-stars Billy Eichner, best known from his show Billy on the Street and his role on Parks and Recreation (yup –he’s the guy that yells). The event featured a screening of an episode of the series and then a panel discussion with Poehler, Klausner and Eichner. If that wasn’t worth a trip to New York City, I’m not sure what is.

I don’t think that the episode that they showed us was the pilot, but if it’s any indication of what the rest of the series is like, Difficult People should be a hit. It was just so smart and funny and had jokes coming at you fast and furious; the joke density of the episode reminded me of an episode of 30 Rock. I pretty much fell in love with the show right away. It was fun to see it with a group of people who enjoyed it as much as I did; the only downside of that experience was that people were laughing so hard and so long that I missed some lines of dialogue. Because the series airs on Hulu, they don’t have the same regulation on content as a network comedy and they use that freedom judiciously. The use of a well-time expletive should not be underrated.

2015-05-31 17.51.52

The show follows slightly fictionalized versions of Julie and Billy as they struggle to make it show business, a quest that is complicated by both of their tendencies to be brutally honest and talk about other celebrities. In the episode that we say, Billy loses his job as guest bartender on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live when one of the guests insists that the be removed because of something Billy previously said about them. Julie is doing no better, as her snarky commentary derails her boyfriend’s PBS fundraiser. The show is full of other great people in supporting roles – Gabourey Sidibe, for example, turns up as one of their pals – and there are some fun cameos. Julie and Billy’s personalities aren’t making their relationships any easier either and they occasionally have to wrestle with if they are actually difficult people (hence the title). Billy and Julie are friends in real life and their comradery truly shines through in Difficult People. The fact that they are playing a version of themselves makes the series feel very real; if you know anything about either one of these actors, it’s not hard to believe that their portrayal is pretty close to their actual personalities. After seeing them interact in real life on the panel, they really aren’t that different on the show than they are in real life.

2015-05-31 17.21.10

The panel was almost as hilarious as the show was and it was a real thrill to see the three of them in person. Amy Poehler let Julie and Billy take center stage, but it was clear how much all three of them liked and respected each other. Poehler heaped praise on both Klausner and Eichner and in return they were both thankful that she helped make the show a reality and was generous with advice. They talked a little about what to expect from future episodes of the show, if it was difficult to do a show that was somewhat autobiographical, other shows that they would like to appear on (Poehler is a big Game of Thrones fan) and the shows that they respected (everyone on the panel is rightfully enchanted with Louie). Billy and Julie constantly cracked up Amy, who spent most of the panel laughing. She wasn’t the only one. Klausner and Eichner are funny separately, but they seem to bring out the best in each other when they are together, which bodes really well for the show. The only way that I could see Difficult People not doing well is if people simply don’t know about it. I’m guessing it will take only one episode to get most people hooked. I’m legitimately bummed out that I have to wait until August for the episodes to officially debut. I was ready for more.

Some other quick thoughts:

  • There was a really funny moment when everyone’s cell phones went off at the same time with a notification about a flash flood warning.
  • I haven’t heard anything official, but it Amy Poehler was wearing a very sparkly rock on her hand. It may be nothing or it may mean that she’s engaged to boyfriend Nick Kroll and I have some celebrity scoop.
  • It sounds like they have quite the A-list of people appearing on episodes. Some of the people that they mentioned were Seth Myers, Fred Armisen, Amy Sedaris and Debbie Harry.
  • I was very impressed with how smoothly everything ran at Vulture Fest. I would definitely consider going again.

I am very glad that I decided to go to Vulture Fest and I absolutely picked the right panel to go to because I learned about a new show that I think I’m going to be a very big fan of. Difficult People is a tremendously funny show that I would recommend just based on the one episode that we screened; it has its own distinctive voice and offers a different comedic sensibility than a lot of what’s currently out there. Hulu doesn’t have quite the reputation in original programing that some other online platforms do, but I think that shows like Difficult People are an excellent way for them to change that.

Difficult People will debut on Hulu in August. Don’t worry – I’ll remind you.


Golden Globes 2015 Running Diary


Another live event means another running diary, where I share with you my (hopefully) witty comments and other observations that I made while watching last night’s Golden Globes. This is the last year that Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are slated to host the awards ceremony, which is a real bummer as I think that they have done a stellar job. They will be a tough act to follow. As regular readers know, I don’t put a ton of stock in the actual awards, since the Hollywood Foregin Press is like 50 people and their taste is questionable at best. However, this is the awards show that brings television and film together and the ceremony that has the reputation for everyone being drunk, so it’s usually a fun watch. At the bare minimum, there should be some good jokes and some unusual moments. For a Sunday night in January, that’s good enough for me.

So without any further ado, here’s my 2015 Golden Globes running diary…..

8:00 pm – The Amy and Tina show has begun! Watch the full monologue here:


8:01 – Not a shocker – starting off with jokes about The Interview.

8:02 – “One of the Big Eyes paintings is here tonight…..”


8:03 – The jokes are fast and furious, but a little uneven.

8:04 – “Boyhood proves that there are still great roles for women over 40, as long as you get hired when you’re under 40.”

8:06 – Tina and Amy drop some more feminism truth:


8:08 – Tina Fey’s dress is weird – the black part comes up too high and it looks like part of her body is being censored.

8:09 – First Cosby joke –


8:10 – They are not letting up on Cosby:


8:10 – Jessica Chastain looks shocked by these jokes:


8:11 – The first person to raise their hand gets to present with Jennifer Aniston:


8:11 – So that was odd – did they really just start over? Was this really not rehearsed?

8:12 – Solid win for J.K. Simmons for Whiplash. He was indeed terrifying.

8:13 – About co-star Miles Teller “He inspired me every day to want to scream at him and hit him in the face.”

8:13 – Did Simmons just mistake Lorne Michaels for a camera man?


8:14 – I hope these two (Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson) have more chemistry in Fifty Shades of Grey. They sound robotic.

8:15 – Anna Bates from Downton Abbey has her first Golden Globe. And a win over Kathy Bates no less.


8:22 – Holy hell – JLo is wearing quite the dress.


8:22 – Whoo-hoo. Fargo for the win!

8:25 – Jeremy Renner says to J Lo – “You’ve got the globes too.” Stop being a creeper Hawkeye.


8:25 – Billy Bob Thornton keeps it short and sweet with his acceptance speech for best actor in a mini-series. The bloom is apparently officially off the True Detective rose.

8:33 – Benedict Cumberbatch photobombing was the best bit of that awkward bit with the fake North Korean writer (Margaret Cho) and Meryl Streep. He’s going for MVP of the Golden Globes.


8:34 – Dear cameraman/camerawoman, don’t cut to the audience when people are clearly not paying attention.

8:36 – Is Cumberbatch changing jackets? He was just wearing a white jacket and now he’s back in black. Is he doing costume changes all night?

8:37 – Cumberbatch mystery solved – not a white jacket, just his dress shirt. Sherlock is unfortunately not pulling off some elaborate Diana Ross-style wardrobe changes. That should have been pretty obvious, but I’ve had a few beers at this point.

8:37 – I have missed Bryan Cranston. Not sure what exactly Kerry Washington is wearing.

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

8:37 – WTF??? This chick Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin just beat Julia Louis-Dreyfus? HELLS NO. Signs she shouldn’t have won – she was apparently sitting in another freaking ballroom for the length of time it took her to get to the stage.

8:39 – OK. I’ve calmed down. Maybe I should be watching Jane the Virgin. She gave a nice speech: “Today is a great day, I can and I did.”


8:40 – Transparent wins for best comedy. Is that Amazon’s first Golden Globe win?

8:41 – These camerapeople suck; I love Cranston as much as the next person, but don’t waste camera time on him while the person who actually won the award is giving her speech.

8:46 – Not Melissa McCarthy’s best look. The bow on that dress is not working for me.


8:47 – Isn’t it kind of weird that McCarthy is introducing her own movie?

8:48 – Vince Vaughn – I don’t get why I like him; I just do.

8:49 – The very alliterative Johann Johannsson wins best score for Theory of Everything.

8:50 – I legitimately thought that might be Amy Poehler in a costume when Prince walked out.

8:51 – What’s up with Prince’s cane/walking stick? How long has he been using that?


8:52 – John Legend and Common win for best original song for Selma. Oprah is losing her sh*t. John Legend’s wife (Chrissy Tiegen) just became a meme:


8:53 – They are being pretty liberal with the time for speeches, which means some poor schmoes are going to get played off pretty quickly later in the evening.

8:59 – Katie Holmes looks tired.

9:00 – Alan Cumming makes me laugh.


9:01 – Controversial statement – I didn’t like The Normal Heart. The actors were good, including winner Matt Bomer; just thought it was too slow.

9:02 – I never remember what Clive Owen looks like. So I’m constantly surprised when he appears.

9:03 – Ricky Gervais time. Let’s see what happens. I appreciate he came up on stage with a drink.

9:04 – He didn’t butcher sweet Quvenzhané Wallis’ name, but he didn’t get it right either.

9:05 – Amy Adams wins for Big Eyes. She pretty clearly didn’t think she was going to win.


9:07 – That was a weird, long camera shot of Frances McDormand.

9:13 – Selma Hayek has no patience for Kevin Hart.


9:15 – The LEGO Movie didn’t win best animated feature? That’s a big upset for How to Train Your Dragon 2.

9:17 – Jared Leto speaking French in a braid. Women across the nation swoon.


9:18 – Keira Knightly is wearing a doily.


9:19 – Patrica Arquette winning best supporting actress for Boyhood is a reminder that I still need to see Boyhood.

9:21 – We haven’t seen Amy and Tina for a while. Let’s remedy that soon.

9:25 – Someone must have heard me. But unfortunately they are doubling down with this Margaret Cho bit.

9:26 – Margaret Cho marching across the stage was weird enough to be amusing.


9:28 – Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader are beating this joke into the ground, then flipping it over and beating it some more. Kind of like SNL.

9:30 – Birdman wins for best screenplay. Has anyone brought a fedora before to accept a Golden Globe? This is a night for firsts.


9:32 – Everyone is shiny and sweaty. It’s not a good look. There must be a lot of drinking and coke use furnace issue.

9:34 – Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda – a mini-9 to 5 reunion!

9:34 – The Golden Globes are like one long infomercial; everyone is promoting something.

9:35 – Louis C.K. doesn’t like his chances in this category:


9:35 – Yay! Jeffrey Tambor wins his first Golden Globe!


9:43 – Lupita Nyong’o is too damn beautiful. Her dress is on point.

Lupita Nyong'o

9:43 – I have seen none of these foreign language films. I’ve got some homework to do.

9:45 – Adrian Brody – another affinity I cannot explain.

9:46 – Maggie Gyllenhaal wins best actress in a miniseries, etc. for The Honorable Woman. Great show; definitely worth watching.


9:47 – I am fairly certain that Frances McDormand came in character from Olive Kitteridge. Either that or she’s the new Grumpy Cat.


9:48 – I love that the Gyllenhaal siblings came as each other’s dates.

9:53 – Ha! “And I’m Blake Shelton.” Paul Rudd is adorable.


9:54 – Apparently the cameraperson didn’t expect The Affair to win either.

9:55 – I don’t know if I would be thanking someone for being the inspiration for a show called The Affair.

9:56 – There is an upcoming comedy called Dad’s Army? That sounds dreadful.

9:58 – That right there was some awkward banter by Katherine Heigl.

9:59 – Heigl can’t figure out an envelope. I’m not super surprised.

10:00 – Kevin Spacey with a unsurprising win for House of Cards. Also not a shock – he used his Frank Underwood voice.

10:01 – What on Earth did Spacey just say to get bleeped and earn this reaction:


10:07 – Julianna Margulies and Don Cheadle here for the Clooney fete.

10:08 – Clooney did not find that Monument Men joke funny.

10:08 – F.O.G. – Friend of George

10:09 – I’m going to be very disappointed if they don’t work in some Roseanne, Golden Girls and Facts of Life clips in this retrospective.

10:10 – The South Park clip was a surprise.

10:11 – Since the Golden Globes left them out, here you go……#neverforget

B7HkmhACIAAl-E3 george-clooney-estelle-getty-golden-girls-tv-guest-star-1985-1992-photo-GC george-clooney-on-roseanne


10:15 – Clooney’s initial profession of love to his wife got a surprisingly tepid response. Is it possible that he thinks he’s getting this award for finally getting hitched again?

10:23 – Harrison Ford pretends to be interested in awarding best director.

10:24 – Richard Linklater wins for Boyhood and looks nothing like I imaged.

10:25 – What is up with the kid from Boyhood’s hair?


10:26 – Adorable couple alert – Anna Farris and Chris Pratt.


10:26 – Ruth Wilson wins for The Affair. I guess this is another show I should check out, though the reviews I’ve heard haven’t been great.

10:27 – Ruth Wilson’s voice and accent makes it sound like everything she’s saying is sarcastic.


10:28 – Dominic West’s butt gets a shout out. That’s the most love The Wire ever got at an award show.

10:33 – Michael Keaton wins for Birdman, but more importantly we got to see John Krasinski as Keaton walked to the stage.


10:34 – Keaton’s right – I like that the Golden Globes has a category just for comedies.

10:35 – Surprise twist – Michael Keaton’s name isn’t Michael Keaton. Also, he was born in a hallway. And he’s Batman. This is a man of many mysteries.

10:36 – I wonder if this speech is building to some sort of confession or announcement.

10:37 – Michael Keaton’s BFF, his son, is handsome.

Sean Douglas, Michael Keaton

10:37 – Oprah’s on stage, so we must cut to a shot of Gail in the audience.

10:38 – I’d love to eavesdrop on whatever Ethan Hawke and Matthew McConaughey are discussing so animatedly.

10:43 – Someone screwed up – my broadcast came back mid-Channing Tatum. This is unacceptable.

10:44 – Connie Britton knows what’s up


10:45 – Grand Budapest Hotel wins for best comedy or musical. I’m not going to argue.

10:46 – The cast of Grand Budapest Hotel couldn’t decide whether to go up on stage or not.

10:46 – Wes Anderson’s speech is getting laughs, but I’m guessing it’s too insider baseball for most people watching (he’s naming the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press).

10:47 – If I move my blog to another country, can I be a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press? A notion worth exploring.

10:51 – I dig Tina Fey’s tuxedo outfit.


10:51 – Matthew McConaughey seems extra Texas-y this evening.

10:52 – Julianne Moore wins for Just Alice; I just watched Carrie last night, so this is a weird juxtaposition.

10:53 –Gwyneth Paltrow here to announce best actor in a drama.

10:54 – Eddie Redmayne wins for The Theory of Everything. A bit of a surprise in a stacked category, but his transformation as Stephen Hawking is spectacular.

10:55 – I have to say – the speeches tonight have generally been very good and heartfelt.

10:59 – We all miss Tina and Amy, Meryl. We barely saw them all night.

11:01 – Boyhood wins for best drama. This is not a good night for Selma, Foxcatcher and The Imitation Game.

11:02 – That’s a wrap. The 72nd Golden Globes are in the books.

All in all, not a bad awards show. Not enough Tina and Amy, but that’s how these things generally work – after the monologue, you rarely see the hosts. Some surprise winners and some TV shows that I apparently have to start watching, but nothing all that buzzworthy or exciting happened. I thought most of the jokes went on just a beat or two too long; good ideas, but they should have been shorter.

2014 Golden Globes

Another awards ceremony happened over the weekend, so you know what that means – another one of my famous (infamous) running diaries. Last night I took my show on the road and went over to my friend Kristin’s house to watch the Golden Globes. She put out quite the spread – shrimp, veggies with hummus and crab spinach artichoke dip – but she decided that since the Globes were not as classy as the Oscars, our beverage of choice would be Pabst Blue Ribbon rather than champagne. This was a wise and welcome decision – PBR is always the right choice.

Now that I’ve set the scene, read along with my real-time thoughts and comments on the 2014 Golden Globes. All times are eastern:

7-8 pm – Red Carpet

I’ll admit that I was only kind of half watching the red carpet interviews since I generally thing that they are completely vapid and meaningless. That being said, you know that I totally paid attention once I heard Jennifer Lawrence was coming up, so I definitely caught her hilarious walk up the stairs while Taylor Swift was being interviewed:


Which was followed by this nugget of awesome, where JLaw spoke for all of America:


Jennifer Lawrence – you are a national treasure.

This unfortunately led to Swift sticking around for most of Lawrence’s interview and they unfortunately seem friendly; they at least text each other. But we collectively decided that JLaw was just being nice and really can’t stand Swift. The idea of them paling around is just too upsetting.

I missed this, but Elisabeth Moss flipped off the “mani cam,” which frankly I think is the only reasonable response to such foolishness.


8:00 -11:00 pm – Golden Globe Ceremony

8:00 – Yay! It’s Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, teaming up to host the ceremony for the second year in the row. Let’s hope that they are just as awesome the second time around.

8:02 – I agree with them – this has been a really spectacular year for movies; not a War Horse or Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (both of which I hated) in the lot.

8:03 – “Matt Damon, on any other night in another room, you would be a big deal. But tonight, and don’t take this the wrong way, you’re basically a garbage man.” Ha!

8:04 – I am not sure that Tom Hanks finds this amusing, which is surprising.

8:05 – I love Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Of course she is playing along for a bit because she is the freaking best:


8:06 – This joke about Gravity absolutely slayed me:


Speaking of which – where IS Clooney? Are they even allowed to do awards shows without him present??

8:07 – “Are you taking notes?” – Kristin’s husband, wandering into the festivities and amazed that I was watching an award ceremony with a pad of paper and pen in hand.

8:09 – “Masters of Sex is the degree I got from Boston College.” – Amy Poehler. They are killing it with this monologue. So, so funny.


8:10 – The presenters are coming up from the audience? That seems kind of weird. Is that how it is going to be all evening?

8:11 – Sandra Bullock’s dress is really unattractive:


8:13 – I can’t hear Mila Kunis speak now without thinking of Meg Griffin on Family Guy. That’s unfortunate for her.

8:14 – Dancing on the Edge? What the heck is that? It’s unusual that even I haven’t hear of something that is nominated.

8:15 – Yowza – it took Jacqueline Bisset a really long time to get to the stage.

8:16 – If this show runs long, it is going to be Bisset’s fault; she is taking way too many dramatic pauses and she is rambling.

8:17 – Bisset is getting censored; she must be cussing.

8:18 – I legitimately have no idea what she is talking about. Get the hook.

8:23 – Finally! One of my predictions came true. Behind the Candelabra wins for best TV drama, musical or miniseries.

8:24 – Sweet baby Jesus – no more older people can win. It takes them way too long to get to the stage.

8:25 – Elisabeth Moss! Hooray! A well-deserved win for Top of the Lake; it’s worth a look if you haven’t seen this great Sundance Channel mini-series. And that’s two in a row for me.

8:28 – Matt Damon makes a call-back to the garbage man comment at the top of the show. Well played, Damon.

8:36 – Teleprompter error for Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie. Some awkward laughing and then they read their lines off a piece of paper. Robbie wonders if this is hazing for the new girl.


8:38 –Heisenberg in the house! A not unexpected win for Bryan Cranston. Though I’m still pissed that Jon Hamm wasn’t even nominated. And another one right for me!

8:41 – I’m guessing Breaking Bad will win best drama, but I wouldn’t be totally surprised if House of Cards is the upset winner. The Hollywood Foreign Press love to think that they are recognizing something new and innovative.

8:41 – Just kidding. OF COURSE Breaking Bad wins.

8:42 – That was some weird camera work there, but I can’t fault them for wanting to linger on Aaron Paul. I’d do the same.

8:43 – Awww…one last “yeah bitch” for the road.

8:51 – P Diddy – you are not Kanye West. Stop interrupting the winners and inserting yourself into their moments.

8:54 – I don’t care who wins best original song as long as it isn’t Taylor Swift (though I am partial to “Let it Go” from Frozen).

8:55 – U2 wins for Mandela. I’m OK with this.

8:55 – HA! Bono is having none of P Diddy. That was the most awkward hug I’ve ever seen.


8:56 – Who knew that U2 had such a long and profound connection with Nelson Mandela? Now I’m really glad they won. I’m also impressed that Bono is letting the other two band members who are not The Edge speak. I didn’t know that was allowed.

9:02 – It really isn’t that hard to say the word candelabra but somehow this dude presenting messed it up.

9:03 – Sorry Jon Voight, but you just stole Aaron Paul’s award. Be the bigger person and give it back to him. Sigh – the idea of a movie star “slumming it” on TV never fails to be awards bait.

9:05 – Wait – Jon Voight’s son is there? Is this the same son who famously was a little too affectionate with his famous sister? If so, good for him getting back on the award show horse.


9:06 – Robert Downey, Jr. presenting. Has everyone seen the video of him singing with Sting?

9:07 – Got to go Amy Adams on this one.

9:08 – Right again – Adams really was great so this isn’t really a surprise. But beating Meryl – that’s a feather in your cap!

9:15 – Ha! Amy Poehler is dressed up as Mr. Golden Globe, Tina Fey’s son from a previous relationship. Classic.


9:16 – Did Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon know this was going to happen? Because they look a little confused. Their daughter is loving it though.

9:17 – I’m guessing Robin Wright, since she’s the only movie star in this category.

9:18 – Yup. The Hollywood Foreign Press is predictable.

9:19 – Jim Carrey received a surprisingly enthusiastic response when he came out on stage to present. Do people have him confused with someone else (quite possible – the booze is flowing at this event)? He doesn’t seem like the type of guy to be getting this kind of ovation.

9:20 – Christoph Waltz is permitted to be in a move that doesn’t involve Quentin Taratino?

9:21 – Going with Jared Leto for best supporting actor. A truly amazing performance.

9:22 – Another correct prediction – I should have put money on this thing.

9:23 – Ugh. Enough with Giuliana Rancic. It’s bad enough I have to put up with her on the red carpet; stop showing her in commercials too.

9:27 – Emma Thompson has come out barefoot, carrying her shoes and with a martini in her hand. I can relate, sister.


9:28 – This is a tough category because they don’t distinguish between original and adapted screenplay. Based on sheer creativity, I think Her will take this award (look for a review of the film later this week).

9:29 – That song “Girl on Fire?” That’s about me, since I am seriously killing these Golden Globe predictions.

9:30 – One of my award show pet peeves – the arbitrariness of who gets played off and who does and how long each person gets. Less famous people don’t get the same courtesy and that is bullshit.

9:34 – Andy Samberg? That is a surprise. I figured this was Jim Parsons’ award to lose. Like Samberg, but he doesn’t deserve this.

9:36 – Eh – at least Samberg gave a cute speech. And Seth Meyers is clearly ticked to see his pal win.

9:46 – Not a fan of Zoe Saldana’s dress. It looks like the straps accidentally fell down and she didn’t fix them.


9:43 – JIMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooray for Fallon (and Melissa McCarthy)!

9:44 – This bit that they are doing about McCarthy thinking she is Matt Damon is weird, but also funny. Not sure that it is working with the crowd though.

9:45 – Dang. That would have been really funny to see what they would have done if Damon had actually won. But Michael Douglas winning isn’t a surprise.

9:52 – Emma Watson – don’t think that I didn’t see you downing some booze earlier in the evening. Your presenting skills are a bit off.

9:53 – I’m kind of surprised that I have seen all the animated feature nominees, though it helps that there are only 3.

9:56 – Bono giving nominee Amy Poehler a back rub is outstanding:


9:57 – Amy then making out with Bono when she won was even better:


Ha! This did not sit well with Poehler’s boyfriend Nick Kroll:


10:01 – Woody Allen retrospective in advance of his receipt of the Cecil B. DeMille award. As a relatively new convert to his films, this only reminds me of how many of these that I haven’t seen. I need to get to work.

10:05 – No Woody; his pal Diane Keaton accepts on his behalf.

10:10 – That was actually a really sweet speech. Good job Diane!

10:11 – Two people who were not digging the tribute: Mia and Ronan Farrow:


10:18 – Eh – I wouldn’t have picked Alfonso Cuarón for best director, but there were a lot of moving pieces for that film.

10:19 – He seems like a good guy. That herpes vs. ear piece story was pretty adorable.


10:20 – Best comedy – I officially have no freaking idea what is going to happen with this one, given the relatively unexpected wins for Poehler and Samberg, Literally anything could happen……

10:21 -…….and it does with a totally premature win for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I like the show, but it is wildly uneven and it’s too early to tell what kind of show it will end up being.

10:26 – Best actor in a comedy of musical. I would totally be OK with any of these guys winning. They are all great. I’m going Leonardo Di Caprio.

10:27 – And Leo takes home the Globe. Good on him – he gets nominated a lot but rarely wins and The Wolf of Wall Street was one of his best performances.

10:28 – Ha! Leo pointing out the absurdity of how the Golden Globes divvies up movies. When I think Christian Bale, I think comedy.


10:37 – You know I’m all in on American Hustle, though I really can’t complain about any of these films winning.

10:38 – The American Foreign Press agrees with me again with a win for American Hustle. No Christian Bale or Jeremy Renner in attendance.

10:43 – Tina and Amy get saucy with this joke about DiCaprio:


10:44 – Leo comes out to present and thanks some people that he forgot to thank when he won. His publicist must have gotten a hold of him

10:45 – Leo just mangled the name Philomena. He said Phil-o-mania, which I can only assume is the Phil Mickleson story. I would totally watch that.

10:46 – Cate Blanchett’s win for best actress makes me even more excited to finally see Blue Jasmine.

10:48 – A Judy Garland/barbiturates reference. Who had THAT on their Golden Globe bingo cards?

10:49 – I’m sure to the annoyance of everyone, I am obligated to say “Alright, alright, alright” every single time Matthe McConaughey is on screen. He’s my pick to win.

10:50 – Whoa! McConaughey must have heard me (and the rest of America) because he actually said “Alright, alright, alright” when he accepted his award. I’m pretty sure the Internet just exploded.

10:56 – Johnny Depp? I’m kind of surprised he’s presenting. This doesn’t seem to be his kind of thing. Even he looks surprised that he is doing this.

10:57 – Rush has absolutely no chance of winning. I’m guessing 12 Years a Slave.

10:58 – I end the night on a high note with another correct prediction.

10:59 – Tina and Amy are back to say goodnight. It speaks volumes to how awesome they are that I actually wish that there were MORE of them during the ceremony. They should host life.

11:00 – The teaser trailer for The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon is airing with the audio for a promo for The Biggest Loser. Sigh – don’t ever change NBC.

So there you have it – another awards show in the books. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler did a great job per usual. A complete list of winners can be found here. So what did you think? Any surprises? Did you favorites win? Who SHOULD have won? Sound off in the comments below.