Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Blog’s Birthday Edition

It’s hard to believe it, but tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of As Heather’s World Turns. Time flies when you’ve having fun. In some ways I feel like I’ve been blogging forever, yet it also doesn’t feel like I’ve chronicled a year of my pop culture consumption.

To kick off the second year of As Heather’s World Turns, I’ve added some additional ways that you can keep up with the blog. The blog now has its own Twitter account (@AsHeathersWorldTurns) that you can follow and I’ve created a Facebook page for the blog. Both are a work in progress, but I’ll post and tweet all my new blog posts from these accounts as well as any interesting pop culture stories that I find throughout the week. So please feel free to follow and like respectively.

Now on to the pop culture stories you may have missed in the last two weeks:

  • ABC has pulled Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23 from the schedule and there are no immediate plans to air the remaining episodes. Though there is no official word from the network, James Van der Beek tweeted that the show has “basically been cancelled.” ABC will air two episodes of Happy Endings on Tuesday nights until Dancing with the Stars begins in March.
  • I have discovered the website www.Citizenbrick.com that has customized Lego figures that bear a striking resemblance to some of my pop culture favorites. I’m guessing Omar Little and Walter White will find their way to my desk sometime soon.
  • A “lost” episode of Dexter’s Lab has been released; the episode never aired because of the excessive swearing (though it is all bleeped), so it’s NSFW and not especially kid friendly:


  • I thought this was cute – two fans of the show 30 Rock sat outside of Silvercup Studios to see if they could get members of the cast to high five them:


  • A spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, centered around Klaus and the Originals, is in development. I will totally watch this.
  • In honor of the 25th anniversary of Die Hard, Fox Studies is unveiling a giant mural on their lot. Die Hard 5 (A Good Day to Die Hard) will be released February 14th.
  • I tuned in Monday night to watch Kevin Bacon’s new serial killer themed drama, The Following. I wasn’t completely bowled over – it was a bit clichéd, they really hit you over the head with the Edgar Allen Poe references and some of the supporting cast isn’t very good – but there was enough there that I’ll tune in for a while to see where it goes.
  • Kris Kross is reuniting. That makes me want to jump, jump.
  • Charm City Cakes in Baltimore, featured on the program Ace of Cakes, made a pretty cool cake for President Obama’s inauguration.
  • I was also sad to hear that Conrad Bain, Mr. Drummond on Diff’rent Strokes, passed away.
  • Jerry Seinfeld and the rapper Wale will collaborate. I don’t get it either, but I’m intrigued.

Tina Fey takes you on a tour of Liz Lemon’s office.


  • Proving why he is awesome, Michael J. Fox admits that he wouldn’t be thrilled if his son dated Taylor Swift. Apparently Fox later apologized to Swift because she said he reached out to her and thanked her fans for “having her back” – against a fifty year old man with Parkinson’s. Taylor Swift is the worst; thanks for nothing Kanye. You created this monster.
  • In other TNT news, they have picked up a Rebecca Romjin PI drama and a pilot for a Geena Davis bounty hunter show.
  • My pal Michael K. Williams will play Ol’ Dirty Bastard in an upcoming film. Check out his skills on Brooklyn Zoo at a recent benefit show (NSFW). I wasn’t impressed.


  • My prediction about what would happen on American Horror Story: Asylum came true.
  • I love Jennifer Lawrence, but last week’s episode of SNL wasn’t good.
  • You can check out a very cool version of the script for Moonrise Kingdom here.
  • I was pleasantly surprised with the new Jim Jefferies comedy, Legit. It was mostly material from his stand-up, so I’m curious what the show will be like once it features more original material.
  • Marcia Gay Harden will replace Rosemarie DeWitt on The Newsroom.
  • And finally…..enjoy this Toy Story recreation with real toys.

Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Heather’s Tired Edition

I’m exhausted today and feeling a little under the weather, so it seemed like a good time to round up some of the pop culture odds and ends that I’ve been squirreling away the last two weeks. Enjoy!

  • There is absolutely no way that I am NOT going to see this movie. Liam Neeson is the man:


  • From When Harry Met Sally:

Harry: There are two kinds of women: high maintenance and low maintenance.

Sally: Which one am I?

Harry: You’re the worst kind; you’re high maintenance but you think you’re low maintenance.

Sadly, that last line has been used to describe me. Rest in Peace, Nora Ephron. You wrote some great lines (though your movie Heatburn was pretty terrible) and you helped make Meg Ryan a star.

  • Mother Jones put together some funny political attack ads for the characters on Game of Thrones.


  • I read a really interesting graphic novel this week called Hit by Pitch, which tells the story of the only person to die during a baseball game after being hit in the head by a pitch as well as profiling the two men whose names are forever linked because of the incident (Ray Chapman and Carl Hays). I learned a lot from the book, as I was only vaguely aware of this sad moment from baseball history. And yes – it was a Yankees player that threw the fatal pitch.
  • What happens during a rain delay for the Charleston River Dogs minor league baseball team and one of their owners (aka Bill Murray) is in attendance?


  • This is the greatest lawsuit ever (and the second one of its kind filed in West Virginia), involving Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries, Charlie Sheen and barn yard animals. One word for you – meth.
  • Someone took the time to organize the Stephen King universe into a flow chart. Impresive!
  • More people with a lot of time on their hands – check out this recreation of Van Gogh’s Starry Night using dominoes:


  • Louis CK continues to be awesome – for his latest stand up tour, he’s selling tickets directly to fans. No processing fees, no sales tax; all seats are $45. Resell the ticket for more than that and the ticket will be voided. Unfortunately he doesn’t look to be coming to my area so I don’t think I’ll see him this go round, but I love how he is changing how business is done. Don’t forget to tune into his FX show Louie this Thursday at 10:30 ET. You won’t be disappointed (or maybe you will, but that’s your problem).
  • Two of my favorite musicians playing together on one of my favorite songs? My head just blew up.


  • Happy 40th Anniversary to the Atari! Believe it or not, the console from my childhood still works, though I think my brother is currently in possession of it. Might be time to pay him a visit and play a few rounds of Space Invaders.