Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Oscar Death Race Edition

The Academy Award nominations were announced on Tuesday and despite my very lackluster year of attending movies, I’m in pretty good shape going into this year’s Oscar Death Race. Once I cross three movies off my list – Dunkirk, The Phantom Thread, and The Post – I’ll have take care of most of the major categories and perhaps can spend more time focusing on my usual Waterloo (foreign films and documentaries). Most of the docs this year appear to be on streaming services, so I’ll focus my energies on tracking down the foreign films to the best of my ability. Of course, now that I’m working full-time and teaching a class two nights a week, my energies, such as they are, will probably be pretty limited.

So while I plot my best plan of attack, get yourself caught up on all the pop culture news that you might have missed with this week’s roundup.




  • Super Troopers 2:


  • No one is quite sure what this Dundee: The Son of A Legend Returns Home trailer is all about:


  • Thank goodness Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is finally coming back:


  • Heathers:


  • Rampage:


  • Paterno:


  • Tomb Raider:


  • Succession:


  • Queer Eye:


  • The Mechanism:


  • Season three of Ash vs. Evil Dead:


  • Pacific Rim: Uprising:


  • Seven Seconds:


  • A trailer for a Harry Potter mobile game:


  • This Is Not Happening:


  • The Terror:


  • The Death of Stalin:


  • Dear Dictator:


  • Psychokinesis:






Award Season

Odds and Ends

Mashups and Supercuts

  • This Friends reunion movie parody trailer is racking up views:


  • A poem by H.P. Lovecraft has the same meter as Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”:


  • Watch Breaking Bad in one minute:

Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Here Comes the Sun Edition

I don’t know what the weather has been like in the rest of the country, but it has been a rainy mess here in upstate New York. It’s just been grey, thunderstorms are a daily occurrence and, to add insult to injury, it has been on the chilly side.So this morning I was slightly confused by this bright orange globe in the sky. I’d almost forgotten what a sunny day looked like in Albany. I’m taking this as a sign of good things to come; the yucky weather certainly hasn’t done much to life people’s spirits lately (mine included).

Another good omen – the pop culture roundup! While I’m enjoying some sunshine, get yourself caught up on the pop culture that you might have missed in the last week.




  • Murder on the Orient Express:


  • Room 104:


  • The Mountain Between Us:


  • The Deuce:


  • American Made:


  • It Comes At Night:


  • Ballers, season 3:


  • Three new spots for The Dark Tower:




  • Preacher, season 2:


  • Broad City, season 4:


  • The Mist:


  • The Last Tycoon:


  • Seven Sisters:


  • Numb, at the Edge of the End:


  • Swedish Dicks:


  • Manhunt Unibomber:






Odds and Ends

Mashups and Supercuts

  • The Red Keep from Game of Thrones recreated in LEGOs:


  • A supercut of characters saying the name of the movie that they are in:


  • 40 Years of Hip Hop:


  • The Gang says God Dammit:


  • He-Man meets DMX:


  • Sesame Street parodies Orange Is the New Black:



Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Out Like A Lamb Edition

While officially Spring began a few weeks ago, living in Upstate New York I refuse to even contemplate the end of winter until the calendar has turned to April. Even then, I am on my guard for a freak snow storm or colder temperatures, but I allow myself to dream of everything turning green, flowers blooming, and the day that I can put my shovel in my trunk, hopefully not to be used again until December. For someone who hates winter, these last few days of March mark the final phase of my seasonal depression. And then, like a goldfish, I will promptly forget how much I hate winter until it inevitably rolls around again. Soon enough, my self-imposed exile will be lifted and I will hit the road for more pop culture adventures. I can’t wait.

Thankfully we have the pop culture roundup to get us through these dark days. As usual, I’ve scoured the interwebs looking for the best that the world of pop has to offer. So while I contemplate putting my winter boots in storage, check out what you might have missed.






  • Justice League:


  • Spider-Man: Homecoming:


  • Ferdinand:


  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales:


  • Mystery Science Theater 3000:


  • Baywatch:


  • iZombie, season 3:


  • A Ghost Story:


  • Death Note:


  • 2017 from Louis C.K.:


  • An Inconvenient Sequel:


  • Fargo, season 3:


  • Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie:


  • The Sweet Life:


  • Wish Upon:


  • Casting JonBenet:


  • Playground:


  • Berlin Syndrome:


  • Queen of the Desert:


  • Dragonheart 4:


  • What Happens at the Abbey:







Odds and Ends

Mashups and Supercuts

  • Twilight as a goofy comedy:


  • People audition to be Stephen Hawking’s new voice:


  • Sia dropped by Sesame Street:


  • Watch actors perform side by side with their real-life counterparts:


  • The Avengers react to the Justice League trailer:


  • Tom Hardy reading bedtime stories is apparently a thing:


  • A Deadpool/Beauty and the Beast parody: