Trailer Thursday – Captain America: Civil War

Today the second trailer for Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War dropped. Interest level for this movie is already pretty high, but this trailer provides the first appearance of Spider-Man in the Avengers universe:

I’m still bummed that Thor won’t be in this movie, but otherwise I’m all in.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6, 2016.

Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Thanksgiving Eve Edition

Today is the night before Thanksgiving, which in the old days used to mean going out to catch up with all your friends that were home from college but now means hopefully getting to leave work a little early to go catch a movie. I like Thanksgiving because it is a holiday that anyone of any religion or nationality can celebrate. All it requires is taking a moment to pause and reflect on all that you have to be thankful for. I know that I have a ton to be thankful for this year – health insurance, supportive friends and family, the fact that I got to see Hamilton with the original Broadway cast – and the fact that we get to chow down on some turkey tomorrow is an added bonus. I do love me some turkey.

Of course, the holiday also means spending time with family, which is not the most relaxing thing for a lot of people. Sharing DNA does not automatically translate into sharing a lot of interests and this year there are a lot of conversational landmines to be avoided; politics and Thanksgiving are not a good mix. But pop culture is a universal language so I’ve created an extra long round up this week to give you plenty of conversation starters when you are sitting around the dinner table. If your drunk uncle brings up Syrian refugees, you can counter with “did anyone see the new Captain America trailer?” It might not totally diffuse the situation, but it will at least provide a momentary distraction. So while you get ready for your Thanksgiving preparations, take a moment to get yourself caught up on all the pop culture that you might have missed.

  • Adele just shattered NSYNC’s one week sales record.
  • Adele joined Jimmy Fallon and the Roots in performing “Hello” on classroom instruments:




  • Here’s Adele’s reaction to watching that skit:




So many trailers……

  • Captain America: Civil War:


  • The Big Short:


  • Central Intelligence:


  • How To Be Single:


  • Season 2 of Marvel’s Agent Carter:


  • 11.22.63:


  • Now You See Me 2:


  • The Boss:


  • A new trailer for Sisters:


  • A first look at DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on The CW:


  • A teaser for the new Luther special


  • Barbershop 3: The Next Cut:


  • A red band trailer for Dirty Grandpa:


  • Netflix’s Degrassi: Next Class:


  • A red band trailer for The Bronze:


  • Carol:


  • Full Frontal with Samantha Bee:


  • Exposed:


  • Mariah Carey’s Christmas movie for Hallmark has a trailer:


  • A Monster Calls:


  • Night Owls:


  • IFC’s Todd Margaret:


  • Midnight Special:


  • Fifty Shades of Black:






As always, we end with the supercuts and mashups:

  • A Tom Hardy supercut:


  • There is a lot of dancing in this Ant-Man blooper reel:


  • Iron & Wine cover GWAR:


  • A jazz cover of the Pokemon theme:


  • James Corden and Ellie Goulding perform “Love Me Like You Do” in several different styles:


  • A Katniss and Hermione rap battle:



  • LEGO Captain America battles Nazis:


  • This Game of Thrones map made out of gingerbread is impressive:


  • And finally, The Muppets do a little Eminem:


Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving! As always, I am thankful for all of you for reading my little blog.




Yes We Can(s)


For the last few years, the NYS Museum in Albany has featured a “Canstruction” exhibit, where teams create sculptures out of canned goods as a fundraiser for the Food Pantries for the Capital District. It’s something that always sounds like a fun thing for me to check out and which I routinely forget about until after the exhibit has closed. I probably would have forgotten about the exhibit again this year, except I happened to be over by the State Museum for an appointment earlier last week and saw promotions for it. Since the museum isn’t that far from my office, I decided that I would just pop over there on my lunch hour to check it out – admission to the State Museum is free and I knew the exhibit wasn’t going to be large enough that I couldn’t see all of it in the time allotted. Yesterday seemed as good a day as any to do it, though in retrospect, going to the kid-friendly museum on a day that local schools were on break and the weather was dreary may not have been the smartest time to go. The museum was very busy and there were kids everywhere, but I still managed to get in and out quickly, snapping some photos along the way. I also hadn’t fully planned ahead that I was going to the exhibit, so I hadn’t brought a can good to donate. Though you aren’t obligated to do so, I would have felt pretty crappy if I didn’t, so I wound up donating the can of soup that was supposed to be my lunch (I stopped and grabbed something on the way back to the office, so it wasn’t a huge sacrifice).

The theme this year was heroes, so many of the sculptures had a definite pop culture bend. There were a lot of superheroes and animated film characters in the mix:

Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story

Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story






Emmet from The LEGO Movie


Batman, Wonder Woman, Iron Man and Hulk

Batman, Wonder Woman, Iron Man and Hulk – Marvel and DC apparently teamed up


Captain America

Captain America





Some other contestants took a different spin on the theme:

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero


Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong


Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter





I was pretty impressed with not only the creativity on display, but also the workmanship of the sculptures. Some of them were harder to figure out than others – I must have stood in front of the “Guitar Hero” sculpture for a few minutes trying to get the visual. It wasn’t until I stepped further away from it and was at the right angle that I could process what they were going for. I was never good at the magic-eye posters either; I never saw whatever the hidden picture was.


In the end, I voted for The LEGO Movie sculpture, though I was tempted to show Rosie the Riveter some love because, you know, girl power. But Emmet was just too fun and well done for me to ignore. I’m glad that I took the time to finally check out the exhibit; it was a nice little diversion from the work day and supported a good cause. All the children that were running around really seemed to get a kick out of it too, plus there was a section for kids to create their own small canstruction projects. I’ll definitely make a point to check out the exhibition next year and see what interesting creations the teams come up with.

Canstruction 2015 runs through April 16th at the NYS Museum. Bring a canned good to vote for your favorite sculpture and support the Food Pantries for the Captial District. Admission is free.