Friday Fun – Dead 7 Trailer


College basketball (stupid Yale)  got in the way of me writing the post I’d planned about the most recent season of House of Cards, but I couldn’t send you into this weekend without something. Thankfully the gods smiled upon me and dropped a trailer for Syfy’s Dead 7, a movie from the makers of Sharknado that stars members of the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC and lesser boy bands (O-Town and 98 Degrees) battling zombies in the Wild West:

There is zero chance that I am not watching the hell out of that movie (and probably blogging about it), assuming that this isn’t some cruel joke. The April 1st release date gives me some pause, but given the nonsense that Syfy regularly releases, I don’t know that they get the privilege of April Fool’s Day. My only regret is that I will be on vacation when this (presumably) debuts. This might have been an occasion for a viewing party.