Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Vacation Booked Edition

I have commitment issues. This has manifested itself in many aspects of my life, but most recently reared its head when it came to planning for my upcoming vacation. I am, by nature, an organized person. For me, sometimes planning a trip is almost as fun as actually going on the trip. I love exploring the different things to see, eat, and do when I am away from home. I have the Pinterest boards to prove it.

But getting me to actually commit to flights is always a struggle. When it comes to airfare, I’m always playing a game of chicken, hoping that the price of flights will drop further before I am willing to book. I’ve known that friends and I are going to Austin for months now, but I was convinced that I could get a better deal (not only do I like to maximize my time, but my dollars as well). This strategy is nerve-wracking and I wind up booking when I finally stress myself out enough to make a decision. This week, I was starting to put myself in a panic as flights were actually getting more expensive – not the trend I was looking for. I was worried that I was going to blow my travel budget before I even got to Austin, but then, like an angel from above, I found a tremendous deal. Even then I briefly hesitated, wondering if something better may come along. Much like Alexander Hamilton and Angelica Schuyler, I’m never satisfied. But then common sense prevailed and I made the purchase. Now my vacation is real and I can finally let myself get excited for it. It’s only three days off from work, but man do I need them.

Something else to get excited for – this week’s pop culture roundup. As always, I’ve tried to bring you the best that the world of pop has to offer. So while I scout Austin for the best breakfast tacos and BBQ, get yourself caught up on what you may have missed.





  • It:


  • Game of Thrones, season 7:


  • A teaser for The Defenders:


  • Dimension 404:


  • Preacher, season 2:


  • King Arthur: Legend of the Sword:


  • Silicon Valley, season 4:


  • War Machine:


  • Claws:


  • War for the Planet of the Apes:


  • Alien: Covenant:


  • Girlboss:


  • Ingrid Goes West:


  • The Mummy:


  • Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets:


  • Berlin Syndrome:


  • I Am Heath Ledger:


  • Unforgettable:


  • Get Me Roger Stone:


  • Annabelle Creation:


  • The Book of Henry:


  • A Dark Song






Odds and Ends

Mashups and Supercuts

  • Jack Nicholson getting mad montage:


  • It meets Cat in the Hat:


  • A side-by-side comparison of It (2017) and It (1990):


  • A soap opera comprised of only Katy Perry lyrics:


  • Chris Evans in a trailer for the fake biopic Dennis:


  • Billy on the Sesame Street:


  • This Spider-Man: Homecoming homemade trailer is pretty darn close to the original:


  • The Muppets cover 50 Cent’s “In the Club”:



Pop Culture Odds and Ends – In the Home Stretch Edition

It looks like I only have two more weeks left on these stupid crutches, which means that I am almost done with this  failed experiment. I went back to the doctor yesterday since I took a tumble coming down the stairs while on my crutches and while I didn’t fall on my ankle and it felt fine, I wanted to make sure that I hadn’t done any incidental damage in my constant battle with gravity. Thankfully, all was well which was a very good thing; had they told me that I had to extend my tour of duty on crutches, it is quite possible that there may have been an incident that would have been reported on the local news. I’m pretty much at my breaking point physically and psychologically and really the main thing that is getting me through this ordeal is knowing that it is almost over – this phase of it at least. I think everyone else is over me being on crutches too, since I’ve gotten some not so helpful comments from some people lately (so you can add hurt feelings to my list of injuries lately). But 14 more days seems like something I can do – not that I really have a choice – and life can go back to normal. What this means for you, dear readers, is you may finally get some movie reviews again, as I haven’t been to the theater since July – JULY, people! I’m honestly surprised that the people at the cinema haven’t sent a search party out for me yet.

But until I’m able to go back to living my life of pop culture luxury, we have the pop culture roundup to help us all get back. My weekly mission continues to find you the latest and greatest news from the world of pop culture. As always, the interwebs didn’t disappoint and I was able to uncover all sorts of pop culture goodness this week. So while I create a crutches advent calendar and wrap myself in bubblewrap for the foreseeable future , get yourself caught up on all the pop culture that you might have missed.

  • Jimmy Fallon and I are in a competition to see who can be the most injured (I am currently winning in number, he’s winning in severity)
  • Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival will be four 90-minute episodes, each focusing on a different season of the same year.
  • Chance the Rapper unveiled a new song on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (it’s free to download in iTunes):


  • Adele dropped a new music video:


Time for some trailers….

  • Jennifer Lawrence in Joy:


  • Marvel’s Jessica Jones:


  • Aziz Ansari’s Netflix series, Master of None:


  • The Ridiculous 6 – Adam Sandler’s latest:


  • Sherlock: The Abominable Bride:


  • Sam Rockwell and Danny McBride in Don Verdean:


  • Natalie Portman in Jane Got A Gun:


  • Will Ferrrell and Mark Wahlberg in Daddy’s Home:


  • Another trailer for The X-Files:


  • A full-season trailer for Supergirl:


  • BBC’s London Spy:


  • John Travolta in Criminal Activities:


  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies:


  • Showtime’s Shameless:


  • A sketch from Netflix’s W/Bob & David:


  • Someone made Floyd Mayweather fight Ronda Rousey in Street Fighter IV:


As always we end with the mashups and supercuts…..

  • A supercut of Kermit and Miss Piggy:


  • Gwar covers Cyndi Lauper’s “She Bop”:


  • A time traveling supercut:


  • A supercut of horror movie houses:


  • A Motown-style cover of “Halo” by Beyoncé:


  • Ghostbusters reimagined as a sitcom:


  • Daniel Tosh did a shot for shot remake of Selena Gomez’s new music video:


  • And finally….we all knew that an Adele/Lionel Richie mashup was coming:



Friday Fun – A Shaggy-Off on The Tonight Show


One of the more random recurring bits on The Tonight Show is the fact that Jimmy Fallon’s announcer and sidekick, Steve Higgins, can do a pretty spot-on impression of the Jamaican singer Shaggy (not to be confused with the Scooby Doo character of the same name). Shaggy hasn’t really had a hit song since the early 2000s so it’s not the most current person to do an impression of, but Shaggy has such a distinctive voice and Higgins does such a solid job or recreating it that it is always funny whenever they trot it out, even if it is a little obscure and not necessarily a hot pop culture commodity at the moment.

Last night, they decided to finally catch in on what had previously been a mostly throw-away joke by actually having Shaggy on The Tonight Show and have him engage in a competition with Higgins to see who did the best Shaggy voice. It would have been tough for Shaggy to lose a “Shaggy-off” – I’d hate to think that there is someone out there that can do a better version of me than me – but Higgins definitely keeps it competitive:


The best part is what a kick Shaggy seems to be getting out of the whole thing. Watching Higgins impersonate him cracks Shaggy right up.

I’m guessing this is the most mileage that they are going to get out of this one obscure talent possessed by Higgins; I don’t expect the Shaggy impression to disappear completely, but this is probably the pinnacle of this particular bit. But it certainly paid off.