Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Vacation Countdown Edition

I’m so excited – in less than a month I’ll be going on a much needed vacation. I haven’t taken more than a day off from work since last March and between the increased responsibility and stress at work and this long winter, I’m about ready to snap. As I told a co-worker, if I don’t get away for a while they are taking me out of the office in either handcuffs or a body bag. So thankfully for everyone, it’s only a few more weeks and threat level midnight for my mental health will hopefully be over. How bad is it? My boss, who recently had a major health scare, seems really concerned about how I’m doing. Not a good sign.

But thankfully, I have the blog and the world of pop culture to help me relax until I can get away. A few minutes surfing the web and reading up on television, music and movies and I forget briefly that I’m near my breaking point. And lucky for you, I save up all my pop culture therapy to share with you. So check out the plentiful bounty of pop culture goodness that is helping me bide my time until I’m enjoying sunshine and time with good friends.

  • Two of my favorites singing a duet for St. Patrick’s Day:


  • Some excerpts from McConaughey’s character notes for True Detective.
  • It was only a matter of time – Billy Dee Williams did a Star Wars themed cha cha on Dancing with the Stars:


  • Someone has put a sweet beat behind the Dean’s rap from last week’s Community:


  • Early reviews aren’t great, but they at least got the poster right:
  • If you are like me, you may need a refresher before the new season of Game of Thrones begins. This may help:


  • News to me – Danai Gurira (Michonne on The Walking Dead) is a playwright.
  • I am fascinated by Graph TV, which charts the ratings of TV shows by episode.


  • Jason Segel in a Krispy Kreme drive-thru. And I didn’t think I could love him any more.


  • A new Wu-Tang Clan single has dropped (NSFW):


  • Whoa. THIS is Walt from Lost looks like now:
Getty Image

Getty Image

  • See Tom Hiddleston sing in The Pirate Fairy:


  • The NFL reportedly wants to fine M.I.A. $16 million for flipping the bird during the halftime show of the Superbowl (back in 2012). To recap – giving the middle finger is a major problem, but rape, murder and animal abuse are no big whoop.

Trailers! Get your trailers here:

  • Veep season 3!


  • Our first look at the James Brown biopic, Get On Up:


  • The Boondocks are back for season 4:


  • A featurette for Transcendence with Johnny Depp :


  • Kristen Wiig and Hailee Steinfeld in Hateship Loveship:


  • A maddeningly short teaser for season 7 of Mad Men:


  • A new trailer for Maleficent:


  • The Mazerunner:


  • I’m still conflicted about this, but check out the first teaser trailer for the 3-D Peanuts movie:


  • The final The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer has arrived:


As always, we end with the supercuts and mashups:

  • The Dworf of Westeros (ignore the dumb title; it’s a Game of Thrones/Wolf of Wall Street mashup):


  • Patton Oswalt did a True Detective parody:


  • Someone mashed up the faces of Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence. The result is pretty impressive.
  • A University of Limerick student did a Wolf of Wall Street inspired campaign video for student body president:


  • A supercut of 1001 movies you must see before you die:


  • Watch Die Hard with Pugs:


  • Someone redid The Simpsons couch gag out of LEGOS


  • A Batman (comics)/True Detective mashup:


  • People are mashing up rap and the Thomas the Tank Engine theme song and it’s SPECTACULAR:




Why are they doing this? WHO CARES???


  • This supercut of Christopher Walken dancing made me smile:


  • And finally, I’m loving this King of the Hill/True Detective mashup:


Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Jimmy Took Over The Tonight Show Edition

It finally happened – Jay Leno (hopefully) went off into the sunset and blog favorite Jimmy Fallon took over the reins of The Tonight Show. I’ve only been able to see one show so far, but I’ve been pleased with what I’ve seen. He seems to be keeping the same general show that he had when he was doing Late Night, which I think is a good thing. I’ll just be happy when he finally takes over his real time slot – starting the show at midnight to accommodate the Olympics is just late enough that I can’t justify staying up to watch it live. I cannot tell you how nervous I was watching the first show of his Tonight Show tenure; I think I would have been less nervous if I was up there telling jokes.

But the succession in late night isn’t the only thing that has been going on in the world of pop culture; despite the long shadow that the Olympics has shined over the landscape, a lot has been happening in the last two weeks. While you’ve been busy watching curling, I’ve been compiling all the links that you might have missed. So here’s your biweekly cheat sheet on some of the stories that you might have missed:

  • In honor of the man of the hour, here are 39 facts about Fallon. Please note the mention of College of St. Rose, which I drive by every day on my way to work.
  • See a 17 year old Jimmy in his first stand up performance:


  • Here’s Jimmy’s Saturday Night Live audition:


  • What does Conan think of all this? Classy as always:


  • Stephen Colbert is now the First Lady of France:


His logic is flawless.


  • There will be a mini-Seinfeld reunion on TV Land’s Kirstie, which is still not enough to get me to watch Kirstie.


  • Check out Walter White’s Facebook Look Back video:


  • There is just so much to love in the Kraft mac and cheese ad:


Vanilla Ice as a stock boy? TOTALLY believable.


  • If you enjoyed the movie as much as I did, you’ll get a kick out of The LEGO Movie “blooper” reel:


  • See Will Arnett read school closings as Batman:


  • Scrubs may also head to Broadway. TV shows aren’t cancelled – they just become fodder for musicals.
  • A visual guide to who owns the movie rights to various Marvel characters:


  • The star of the National Geographic reality show, Snake Salvation, died from a snake bite. That’s some M. Night Shyamalan stuff right there – who saw THAT coming?
  • A full list of the BAFTA winners (aka the British Oscars).
  • See Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Ryu from Street Fighter in this clip from The Pete Holmes Show:


  • Channing Tatum has a bust of Matthew McConaughey. I absolutely need one of these for my living room.



  • Check out this Parenthood/Friday Night Lights crossover on this NBC webseries:


  • While I’m still very bummed about Derek Jeter’s retirement, you have to admit that his dating history is pretty dang impressive:


  • Even I am not immune to the charms of the Jamaican bobsled team and their theme song.


  • The first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer debuted last night:


  • Jake Gyllenhaal has a dual role in The Double:


  • A teaser for the 2nd season of Inside Amy Schumer:


  • Tom Hardy in Locke:


  • Christopher Meloni in Surviving Jack, a new sitcom at FOX:


  • A trailer for the second season of Orange is the New Black. I can’t wait!!


  • John Cusack in Drive Hard


  • Nicolas Cage in Joe:


  • An extended trailer for the Spanish language version of Breaking Bad:

I’d watch that.


  • The Purge: Anarchy:


  • A teaser trailer for the new season of Veep:


As always, we wrap up with the mashups and supercuts

  • The same goes for Sesame Street’s answer to Flappy Birds – Flappy Bert.
  • I love this New Orleans style cover of Guns N Roses “Sweet Child O’ Mine”


  • This couple breaks up – using 154 movie titles:


  • A supercut of hit songs from 2000, which appears to have been a very dark time for music:


  • A supercut of cats in movies:


  • As a former Greek, I was amused by this The Wolf of Wall Street parody, The Wolf of Phi Psi:


  • And finally, Billy Ray Cyrus has redone Achy Breaky Heart as a hip-hop jam. For reals, people: