Pop Culture Odds and Ends

It is time once again for your bi-weekly round up of pop culture stories that you may have missed. I like to think of these roundups as pop culture cheat sheets for people. If you see a story that you think should be included, please feel free to pass it along to me on the blog’s Facebook page (like me!), Twitter (follow me!) or in the comments. I’m always interested in reader feedback. And a special welcome to all my new blog followers – thanks for reading!

Let’s get some of the sad stuff out of the way first:

Now on to the more sublime:

  • Vin Diesel announced that Fast and Furious 7 will be released on July 11, 2014. The sixth installment of the franchise will open nationwide on May 24th of this year.
  • A new red-band trailer has been released for Netflix’s new original series Hemlock Grove. As this comes from director Eli Roth, it is most decidedly NSFW:


  • Speaking of Adam Scott (the actor, not the golfer):



  • Vulture also imagines Mad Men as a kid’s Saturday morning cartoon spinoff, Mad Men Kidz.

lil don


  • Apparently the Academy didn’t received the memo from the American people – the producers for this year’s abysmal Oscars ceremony will be back.
  • Tonight may be the last episode ever of Southland, which would be a real shame.
  • If you go to see Iron Man 3, stay through the credits (and if you want to know what happens now, click here *spoilers*)
  • The winner of random video of the week: Macaulay Culkin singing “Kokomo”:


  • A prequel to the film adaption of The Mortal Instruments is already being planned, despite the fact that The Mortal Instruments hasn’t even been released yet.
  • The fictional Veep and the real life VP met:



  • The casting for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy continues to intrigue me. The newest member of the cast is The Walking Dead’s Michael Rooker.
  • Watch Community and Mad Men‘s Alison Brie recreate some popular memes (her grumpy cat is pretty spot on):


  • Grantland looks at the career arc of friend of the blog, The Rock (I’m assuming, if he knew this blog existed)
  • Ryan Murphy has a deal with HBO. I can only imagine what he’ll do when not restricted by basic cable.
  • The Awl debates which song is worse: the Brad Paisley/LL Cool J song “Accidental Racist” or Ray J’s song “I Hit It First” about Kim Kardashian. I vote for the latter – though misguided, Paisley was at least trying to do something good. Ray J is just a jerk.
  • Oy. Amanda Bynes continues her quest to be the craziest of them all with this new video that she posted on YouTube:


  • Patrick Duffy is game for a Step-by-Step reunion.
  • I am a grown-up, so I didn’t watch the MTV Movie Awards, but if you are curious who won or what people wore I have you covered.
  • Funny or Die has released their Steve Jobs movie, iSteve (starring Justin Long).
  • Jon Hamm was on Seseme Street, apparently in attempt to see if he could make me love him more:


  • See Jaime Foxx as Electro on the set of The Amazing Spiderman 2. Or is it The Amazing Spiderman: Ghost Protocol?
  • Snoop is a busy guy – he also collaborated with Miley Cyrus


  • Interesting – the same kid who played a young Don Draper on Mad Men also played a young Michael Bluth on Arrested Development and a young Ice Truck Killer on Dexter.
  • Steve Carrel made an appearance on last night’s Deadliest Catch’s new pre-game show, The Bait.
  • New trailer for Man of Steel:


  • This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle/Entourage parody is better than either of these shows separately:


  • NBC’s never ending quest to beat every good idea they have into the ground continues – a kids version of The Voice is allegedly in the works.
  • Here’s a Conan double shot. First up, Conan hosts a roundtable discussion with some of his former colleagues from The Simpsons’ writers’ room.

And now the mashups and super-cuts:

  • A super-cut of fake websites featured on TV shows:


  • Love this – the synopsis of every romantic comedy ever made. It’s funny because it’s true:


  • A supercut of Tyrion Lannister’s best lines on Game of Thrones (NSFW )


  • A homemade version of the final race from The Fast and the Furious:


  • And finally – an Anchorman/”Thrift Shop” mashup:


Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Movin’ On Up Edition

It’s that time again when I round up some pop culture stories over the last few weeks. Enjoy!

  • I was so sad to hear that Sherman Hemsley passed away yesterday. He was 74. I grew up watching The Jeffersons, not realizing how revolutionary it was for its time. Just a great ensemble cast and possibly one of the greatest TV theme songs of all time

His later show, Amen, was also part of our regular Saturday night rotation. And as a fellow short person, I always identified a little with Hemsley. Rest in peace – you’re now in the ultimate deluxe apartment in the sky.

  • I was also sad to hear about the passing of astronaut Sally Ride, who helped show an entire generation of little girls that they could reach for the stars too. I never dreamed of being an astronaut – outer space isn’t my thing – but Ride showed girls like me that there was a world of possibility available to them.
  • Christian Bale visited the victims of the Aurora movie theater shooting. A very nice gesture.
  • If you are looking for some new rising comedians, Esquire and Variety both recently released lists of comics to watch. There is surprisingly little overlap between the two lists and I was pleased that I was already familiar with a lot of the names.
  • Because there can never be too many vampires on TV, NBC announced yesterday that Dracula, starring The Tudor’s Jonathan Rhys Meyers, will be on their fall schedule. When NBC is jumping on a trend, it’s pretty much over.
  • Note to Zooey – this is how you do a fun iPhone commercial:
  • Bad news for Modern Family fans – the show has been forced to halt production as a result of a contract dispute with the adult members of the show. I’d watch a show with just Manny and Luke – those kids are hilarious.
  • The Matrix/Office Space mashup you didn’t even know you wanted:
  • This week’s people have way too much time on their hands link – Super Mario done with post-its:
  • See a young Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) on The Price is Right (this is probably the only time I’ll link to anything Leno related):
  • For those of you that were interested in checking out Jimmy Fallon based on my post, he has a primetime special tonight on NBC (10 pn ET) which will feature a collection of his best musical numbers (including the fantastic “Tebowie” song I couldn’t link to).
  • Speaking of Fallon, this cooler race with Matthew McConaughey cracked me up:


  • From another Jimmy in late night, Kimmel has celebrities read mean tweets about themselves: