Trailer Park Tuesday – New Fall Shows

Now that networks have mostly decided what TV shows are returning and which are cancelled, it’s time to turn our attention to the new shows that networks are taking a chance on this fall. The survival rate of new series isn’t great – some years are particularly bad – but the trailers for shows debuting provide our first glimpse of what may be worth investing time in. I generally refuse to take a gamble on new series any longer – once bitten, twice shy and all that – but I am intrigued by the revivals. Check out the trailers below and sound off in the comments if you see anything you are willing to take a flyer on – or if you see any candidates for early cancellation. I personally think that Young Sheldon is a potential misstep, but I also thought that The Big Bang Theory looked terrible, so what do I know?


The Mayor:


Splitting Up Together:




The Crossing:


Marvel’s The Inhumans:


The Good Doctor:


Ten Days in the Valley:


For The People:




The Gospel of Kevin:


Alex, Inc:



The Orville:




LA To Vegas:


The Gifted:


The Resident:



The Brave:


Law & Order: True Crime:


Will & Grace:



Seal Team:




Wisdom of the Crowd:




Me, Myself & I:


Young Sheldon:


The CW

Black Lightning:




Life Sentence: