Pop Culture Odds and Ends – International Women’s Day

A picture is worth a thousand words.

And now….on to the pop culture roundup.





  • Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2:


  • Mindhunter:


  • Fargo, season 3:


  • GLOW:


  • War Machine:


  • DuckTales:


  • Ghost in the Shell:


  • The Dinner:


  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales:


  • Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent:


  • Ingobernable:


  • A teaser for Dave Chappelle’s two Netflix specials:


  • Alien: Covenant:


  • Dark:


  • Snatch, the TV series:


  • Sand Castle:


  • CHIPS red-band trailer:


  • 13 Reasons Why:


  • The Promise:


  • Bosch, season 3:


  • Review:


  • Geostorm:





Odds and Ends

Mashups and Supercuts

  • A homemade Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 trailer:


  • Let Cookie Monster walk you through the history of cookies:


  • The Big Bang Theory laugh track replaced with Ricky Gervais’ laughter:


  • A Wolverine retrospective:


  • The evolution of 2-D animation:


  • Limp Bizcut meets Kirby:


  • Logan mashed up with Miami Vice:


Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Hail to the Chief Edition


Part of the reason that posts have been so few and far between lately is because I was promoted at work. I am happy about that of course, but in the words of a wise superhero, with great power comes great responsibility. I don’t even really have the great power part, but the responsibility sure has increased a lot. It makes the days go by faster, but it is also draining. Being chief of staff is exciting,  but it has great diminished my energy for blogging. Hopefully once I get used to the work/life balance, I can star cranking out these posts again.

But for now, you’ll always have the pop culture roundup. Evey in my busiest days, I’ll still find time for that. It’s your island in the desert of my pop culture coverage. So while I try to figure out how to get everything done, get yourself caught up on all the pop culture that you might have missed.







  • OKJA:


  • Bright:


  • Doctor Who, season 10:


  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid:


  • The Get Down:


  • Shadow of Truth:


  • Fargo, season 3 teaser:


  • The Discovery:


  • Five Came Back:


  • Animals, season 2:






Odds and Ends

Supercuts and Mashups

  • West Wing’s Toby gets the movie he deserves:


  • David Lynch meets Stanley Kubrick with horrifying results:


  • James Corden, Nick Kroll, and Jordan Peele formed a boy band:


  • What if Lynch directed La La Land?


  • A Jazz cover of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”:


  • The Muppets parody La La Land:


  • Seth Myers stars in Oscar Bait:


Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Hulu Binge Edition


Last weekend all my plans fell through, so I had a lot of free time on my hands. That is both a good and a bad thing, as I am a person who enjoys being on the move and being busy, but sometimes you need to slow down to catch your breath. So much to the annoyance of my knockoff fitbit, I spend most of the weekend sitting – either in the movie theater (I saw three movies) or on my couch. This seemed like as good a time as any to check out some network comedies that I had heard a lot about – The Good Place and Black-ish, both of which were available on Hulu. I enjoyed both of them a lot – I started with The Good Place since it only had 12 episodes and I’d heard rumblings of a game-changing season finale that I didn’t want to get spoiled for me.  I’m still working my way through Black-ish, since I decided to start with the pilot episode and then work my way through to the current season. I still have a ways to go – network seasons are so long! – but it’s been an enjoyable ride. I really need new shows like a hole in the head, but I’m glad I tried them both.

I’m also glad that it’s Wednesday, which is everyone’s favorite day on the blog – pop culture roundup day! As usual, I’ve looked high and low to curate the best that the world of pop culture news of the last week. So get yourself caught up on all the exciting news that you might have missed.







  • The final Beauty and the Beast trailer:


  • Broadchurch, season 3:


  • Bates Motel, the final season:


  • The Assignment:


  • My Cousin Rachel:


  • Catfight:


  • Beyond The Edge:


  • When The Street Lights Go On:


  • Claws:


  • 13 Reasons Why:


  • Love, season 2:


  • In Dubious Battle:


  • Wolves:


  • Trumped:


  • Bokeh:


  • Imperial Dreams:






Odds and Ends


Mashups and Supercuts

  • The twitter account @WinnieDancing has turned Winnie the Pooh into a dancing machine:




  • The Arthur theme like you’ve never heard it before:



  • All the movie references in La La Land:


  • “Poker Face” gets a Big Band-style makeover:


  • Migos rapping a children’s book: