Talk like a Pirate Day

Ahoy mateys! Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. There are a ton of weird “holidays” out there – Ferris Wheel Day (February 14th), National Doughnut Day (first Friday in June), Groundhog Day – but this one is by far my favorite, even if I don’t really participate, since it is just so ridiculous that it is genius. Plus who doesn’t like pirates (obviously excluding those who they are pirating)? Before vampires, werewolves and zombies became popular, pirates were the popular thing. I’m guilty of getting in on this trend; I used to have a miniature cannon on my desk at work and would occasionally launch plastic cannon balls at people who came into my office and annoyed me. Yup – these are the same people that just promoted me. I must not have “shot” the wrong people.

Talk Like a Pirate Day is the brainchild of two friends, who thought it was funny to talk to each other using the lingo of the raiders of the sea. The holiday didn’t really take off until the pair lobbied humorist Dave Barry to write about it in one of his columns, which he did in 2002. That increased media attention and the rise of the Internet helped spread the word that September 19th was the day to talk like a pirate. The significance of September 19th? It’s the birthday of the ex-wife of one of the founders. I’d be flattered if I were her. That is far better than any of my exes have done for me.

In honor of today, I thought I’d take a look at pirates in pop culture. There have been plenty of memorable pirates over the years in books, television and films, but these are among my favorites:

  • Captain Jack SparrowPirates of the Caribbean franchise


The Pirates of the Caribbean movies are responsible for the recent resurgence in the popularity of pirates. Though the quality of these movies deteriorated quickly, Depp’s Captain Jack is probably the first pirate that most people think of thanks to his interesting take on the character. He’s so popular that they actually changed the ride to include his replica at Disney World that inspired the movie. The similarity was uncanny – and a little creepy.

  • Dread Pirate RobertsThe Princess Bride


When Princess Buttercup is captured by Dread Pirate Roberts, she assumes the worst because of his reputation of leaving no one alive. In reality, it is the identity that her true love Wesley has assumed to come save her. Man I love this movie.


  • Pirate CaptainThe Pirates! Band of Misfits

pirate captain

This animated film was nominated for an Oscar last year and that honor was well deserved. It was a very cute film and perhaps the least intimidating pirates to ever sail the seas. Voiced by Hugh Grant, Pirate Captain wants nothing more than to win the Pirate of the Year award. Who doesn’t want to be recognized at their job?

  • One-Eyed WillieThe Goonies


The legend of One-Eyed Willie looms larger over The Goonies than the actual man, who is long dead by the time he finally turns up in the film. But the lure of his gold is what gives the kids hope that they can save their town and leads them on the greatest adventure of their lives.

  • Long John SilverTreasure Island

hush puppies

I have never actually read Treasure Island, despite the fact that it is a classic. But I am a big fan of the hush puppies served at Long John Silvers, the restaurant, so the chain’s namesake has to make the list.

  • Captain HookPeter Pan


Captain Hook is probably my second favorite character with a hook hand (Buster Bluth on Arrested Development is my first). I’ve always found Peter Pan kind of annoying, so I have some sympathy for his arch nemesis. I’d be pretty ticked off if someone cut my hand off.

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers – NFL


Lots of sports teams have embraced pirate inspired names – the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Oakland Raiders – but none have embraced the pirate imagery quite like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They have a huge pirate ship that shoots cannons off after the team scores, for goodness sake. That is commitment! I adopted them as my playoff team in 2007 (the Bills, obviously, were not in contention) simply because of their stadium. Other teams should take note and commit to the theme more; I was very disappointed that there wasn’t more pirate related items when I went to visit Pittsburgh this summer. Seemed like a missed opportunity.

Enjoy Talk Like a Pirate Day, you landlubbers. I’m going to try to work a little pirate terminology into my day, even if that means telling my co-workers to walk the plank. Sadly, I don’t think they would think anything was amiss if I did so. They are kind of used to my pop culture references by now.

Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Getting Old Edition

It’s my birthday this weekend, which is usually cause for celebration, at least in my eyes. Everyone else just kind of humors me. This year, however, I’m just not feeling it and am kind of dreading having to say that I am a year older. There is not legitimate reason for this apathy – it isn’t a “milestone” birthday or anything – and I know turning a year older beats the alternative, but I’m just not in a celebratory mood at all this year. Perhaps I’ve finally gotten over the excitement for my birthday that everyone else got over when they were a kid. Perhaps it is because this year a lot of people have yet to respond to my unofficial party or can’t come. Perhaps it is because I do so many awesome things throughout the year that I don’t really need this excuse to make a big deal out of one particular day. Whatever the reason, as Saturday approaches, instead of my usual giddiness, it’s being greeted with a shrug. I’m happy to see my friends, but that’s about it.

Pop culture, on the other hand, still makes me excited and I had a lot of fun compiling your biweekly roundup of all the pop culture goodness that you might have missed. I just kept finding all sort of cool things to include. So while I attempt to determine what exactly is bumming me out, kick back and enjoy:

  •  Congrats to Bob Newhart for winning his first Emmy! The full list of Creative Arts Emmy winners can be found here. The Primetime Emmys will air on September 22. There may be a live blog.
  • The West Wing fans – Allison Janney performed “The Jackal” last night on the newly revived The Arsenio Hall Show.


  • Everyone that I know that watched the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Canelo Alvarez fight last weekend was disappointed. Snoop Dogg Lion, however, won over a pound of weed on that fight.
  • After a lackluster performance at the box office, the planned sequel to The Mortal Instruments has been delayed indefinitely.
  • A new season of Key and Peele debuts tonight:


  • Best. Parents. Ever.
  • Doctor Sleep, Stephen King’s sequel to The Shining, will be released next Tuesday.
  • People keep making Breaking Bad musicals. Check out Walter White and the Mazing Blue Crystal Meth:


  • This is probably NOT a good sign: Pirates of the Caribbean 5 has been shut down indefinitely for script maintenance. Probably for the best; this movie is wholly unnecessary.
  • Eddie Murphy did a reggae song with Snoop Lion. I have no idea if this is supposed to be a joke or not:


  • The O.C.’s Sandy Cohen and Ryan Atwood (Peter Gallagher and Ben McKenzie in real life) reunited at Gallagher’s daughter’s concert.
From @petergallagher

From @petergallagher

  • The O.C. is getting a a remake – in Turkey.
  • I am a fan of both Metallica and bluegrass, so I really enjoyed this cover of “Enter Sandman:”


  • The first three hosts for SNL have been announced; Tina Fey kicks the season off, followed my Miley Cyrus and Bruce Willis.
  • Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” video is greatly improved with the addition of Nicolas Cage:


  • Watch this guy do 13 Muppet impressions in a minute:


  • Speaking of Muppets, they did all sorts of great stuff since the last round up. Cookie Monster spoofed some movies:


  • Elmo (or a reasonable facsimile) hung out with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen:


  • Grover sang with Dave Matthews:


  • Cookie Monster also found some time to hang out with Loki:


  •  UC Irvine is offering a free online course on The Walking Dead. I’m not a huge fan of the show, but I may have to take this just for kicks. I’m thinking that could really spruce up my resume.
  • Ha! Watch Todd from Breaking Bad gun down Justin Bieber:


No Biebers were harmed in the creation of this GIF

No Biebers were harmed in the creation of this GIF

  • He’s still really good looking, but I’m not digging Joe Manganiello as much without his beard.
  • Eminem turned up during the Michigan/Notre Dame game. It was awkward, to say the least.


  • Michael Jackson’s Thriller recreated with LEGOs:


  • Britney Spears is rumored to be earning $15 million per year for her Vegas residency. Seems as good a reason as any to finally plan my first trip to Vegas.


  • This local sports anchor worked 41 Seinfeld references into his segment:


He also did a segment full of old school rap references and wrestling references. I think this guy and I could be fast friends.

  • Also announcing tours: Robin Thicke, Jay Z and Kanye (the latter who I am going to see in Madison Square Garden!)
  • Cecily Strong is joining the soon departing Seth Myers at the SNL Weekend Update desk. The last few people to sit at the desk (Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Jimmy Fallon) have gone on to some pretty great things.
  • A writer at UPROXX wrote a tribute to one of the greatest episodes of It’s Always SunnyChardee MacDennis. I wholeheartedly concur.
  • The Ohio University marching band preformed a rendition of Ylvis’ viral sensation The Fox during their game against Marshall.


Haven’t see the video for The Fox yet? Here it is, in all it’s weirdness. Watch it now, thank me later.

  • Breaking Bad fans are the best. Los Pollos Hermanos now has its own Yelp page, full of reviews.
  • Fiona Apple covered “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka for a Chipotle ad:


Trailers! Get your trailers here:

  • Nicole Kidman in Grace of Monaco:


  • National Geographic’s Killing Kennedy, starring Rob Lowe and Ginnifer Goodwin:


  • Kill Your Darlings with Daniel Radcliffe and Michael C. Hall (that’s kind of a weird combo):


  • Will Forte and Bruce Dern star in Nebraska, the latest from director Alexander Payne:


  • James Franco and Jason Statham are in a movie together. Yes, I’m serious.


  • A photo of Justin Bieber holding a script for the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie almost broke the Internet.


No – he isn’t playing Robin.

As always, we end with the supercuts and mashups:

  • Who knew that Marty McFly was such a screamer?


  • A Billy Joel/Kanye mashup sounds way better than you would think:


  • Blurred Sanford mashes up Blurred Lines and the Sanford and Son theme song:


  • This supercut proves Bill Murray is an awkward kisser.


  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail gets a modern trailer remix:


  • Les Miserables…..with light sabers:


  • Good Will Batman (NSFW):


  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia gets the Cheers opening credit treatment:


  • And finally……The Dukes of Heisenberg:


Have a great Wednesday!