Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Game of Thrones is Coming Edition

I can’t believe it – a new season of Game of Thrones finally debuts this weekend. I’ve been waiting forever and it felt like a lifetime since I’ve last been spending some time in Westeros.  I had lofty plans of re-watching the first six season to help pass the time, but that somehow never happened. But I am so freaking excited to have this show back in my life, even if it is for a shortened season. Lately I have kind of dreaded Sunday nights because that meant mentally preparing myself for facing another week of work, so I’m glad to have something that will make my end of weekend transition more enjoyable. Whatever fresh hell my co-workers have cooked up will pale in comparison to the pending encroachment of White Walkers.

So while I quickly refresh my memory on where we left everyone last season, you can refresh your pop culture knowledge with this week’s roundup.




  • Ozark:


  • The Deuce:


  • The Dark Tower:


  • Dunkirk:


  • Fun Mom Dinner:


  • Bella Appétit:


  • Will & Grace:


  • California Typewriter:


  • The final season of Episodes:


  • Vice Principals, season 2:


  • Kidnap:


  • Goon: Last of the Enforcers:


  • Lemon:


  • Final Portrait:


  • What Would Diplo Do:


  • Icarus:





Odds and Ends


Mashups and Supercuts

  • Kit Harrington auditions for other Game of Thrones characters:


  • The Muppets cover “Sabotage”:


  • What if Jared from Silicon Valley was a serial killer:

Pop Culture Odds and Ends – On the DL Edition

We’re now on day 4 of my stint on the disabled list due to a sprained ankle and I’m really pretty much over this injury. I am a pretty terrible patient and if I wasn’t trying to get myself healed up for my big weekend plans I probably wouldn’t be taking it as easy as I currently am. Of course, my idea of “taking it easy” is actually following instructions and even going so far as to take a sick day from work to rest up, but there seems to be progress in my recovery. I even let my mom bring me some groceries yesterday, which was a pretty big concession since I really don’t like having to ask for help. I’m also feeling well enough to overanalyze who has and has not been quick to check in on me and how I’m doing; that’s a good sign – that means I’m not in as much pain if I can read way too much into things.

But even a sprained ankle couldn’t keep me from getting you the pop culture roundup. Since I’ve had a lot of downtime, I was able to spend most of my recovery time searching high and low on the internet for stories that you might have missed in the last seven days. So while I remember to keep my leg elevated and iced throughout the day, enjoy the fruits of my labors with this week’s roundup.

  • Jimmy Fallon and Taraji P. Henson play “Fast Family Feud”:


Time for some trailers……

  • Bradley Cooper in Burnt:


  • Matt Damon in The Martian:


  • The first teaser for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah:


  • Robert Pattison as James Dean in Life:


  • Bryan Cranston in Trumbo:


  • Doctor Who: Series 9:


  • New promos for The Muppets:



  • Manhattan season two:


  • Sundance hit The Witch reveals its first trailer:


  • The Flash, season 2:


  • ABC’s Wicked City:


  • Daniel Radcliffe in Victor Frankenstein:


  • Netflix’s Narcos:






  • Downton Abbey fans will like this reunion on Instagram:


  • Josh Groban sang Donald Trump tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live!:



  • Amy Schumer, Bill Hader and I all have something in common – Sitting in clogs:





  • Beyoncé is on the cover of the September issue of Vogue:


  •  This is an actual video released by the Philadelphia police department; it might seem familiar:


  • Julianne Hough is engaged to NHL player Brooks Laich.

As always, we end with the mashups and supercuts….

  • District 9 gets the 8-bit treatment:


  • What if Werner Herzong directed Ant-Man?:


  • Bern Your Enthusiasm:


  • “Seven Nation Army” gets a vintage New Orleans dirge cover:


  • Another cover –Jane Lynch covers “Anaconda”:


  • 100 TV theme songs on guitar:


  • The Hateful Eight vs The Thing:


  • What if True Detective was a sitcom?


  • Game of Thrones will the Sesame Street theme song:


  • And finally, The Muppets cover N.W.A:



Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Happy Thanksgiving Edition

Hooray – it’s almost Thanksgiving, though honestly I am more excited about the 4 day weekend than the actual holiday. I’ve been running around way too much in the last week and I really just need a few days to relax and get myself back on track. I’m looking forward to just sleeping in and taking it easy and watching a shameful number of movies. I’ll enjoy the turkey dinner and the moment to reflect on all that I’m thankful for (which is a lot), but I’m really ready for some R&R. The last two weeks have kicked my butt.

Before you head off to spend some time with your loved ones and eat some stuffing, get yourself up to speed on the world of pop culture with your biweekly pop culture roundup. It’s on the long side this week, so there’s plenty to keep you occupied over the long weekend. Plus you never know when you’ll have to make small talk with a relative and there is a little bit of something for everyone in this roundup. So pour over this collection of links before the tryptophan kicks in.

  • Someone indexed every death in the Game of Thrones books (so far):


  • NOOOOOO!!!!!!!! They are remaking Road House. It has better include the line “I used to f*ck guys like you in prison” or it will be complete sacrilege.

This week in Ron Burgundy news:

  • The Channel 4 gang sang “Afternoon Delight” at the Australian premiere:



  • Baxter got his own movie poster:



  • This article looks at how Friends decided to pair off Monica and Chandler.
  • The Mindy Project is going on hiatus due to low ratings. Other shakeups at FOX – Dads has been removed from the schedule despite receiving a full season order and Brooklyn Nine-Nine is moving to 9:30 (in The Mindy Project’s old slot).
  • James Franco and Seth Rogan did a parody of Kanye’s video for “Bound 2”:

Surprisingly, Kim and Kanye (neither known for their killer sense of humor) apparently found it funny.

  • Zach Braff may have pulled off the greatest photobomb of all time:


  • Watch Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul read the Breaking Bad finale for the first time (spoilers if you aren’t current):


  • You can watch the pilots of HBO’s new comedies Ja’mie: Private School Girl and Getting On online.
  • Adam Brody (The O.C.) and Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl) are engaged.
  • The surviving members of the Beastie Boys penned an open letter explain their dispute with toymaker GoldieBlox. Their song “Girls” has since been pulled from the commercial.
  • According to this graphic, many Sesame Street character have mental disorders.
  • Watch Robert DeNiro’s audition for the role of Sonny in The Godfather:


  • Pitbull and Ke$ha co-star in a new music video:



  • Every new trailer for HBO’s True Detective makes me more and more excited for this show:


  • A teaser for the new Chicago Fire spin-off, Chicago PD:


  • Sherlock Season 3:


  • The obviously NSFW trailer has arrived from Lars von Trier’s upcoming film Nymphomaniac


  • Season 3 trailer for HBO’s Girls:


  • A trailer for Devil’s Knot – yet another film about the West Memphis Three:


  • Another trailer for one of the movies I am most looking forward to this winter, American Hustle:


  • Kellen Lutz stars in Hercules: The Legend Begins:


  • A new trailer for Muppets Most Wanted:


  • Some deleted scenes from one of my all-time favorite movies, The Shawshank Redemption:


  • I always knew It’s Sunny in Philadelphia was ahead of its time. Does this mean kitten mittens are next?
  • Whoa – Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle album was released 20 years ago. I am feeling old.

As always, we end with the mashups and supercuts:

  • Mad Men without the smoking:


  • Reaping Ball – a Hunger Games/Miley Cryrus mashup:


  • The Wolf of Bedford Falls (It’s a Wonderful Life re-cut to look like The Wolf of Wall Street):


  • A Rob Ford/New Jack City remix:


  • A Rob Ford/Chris Farley mashup (Farley would have been amazing playing Ford on SNL):


  • Team Coco put together a supercut of season 3 of Conan:


  • The Sesame Street gang did a Hunger Games parody:


  • And finally……a Dawson’s Creek/The Walking Dead mashup, Governor’s Creek:


The blog is probably going to take a few days off for the holidays, unless I just can’t help myself. Best wishes for a very happy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah!!!!