Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Here Comes the Sun Edition

I don’t know what the weather has been like in the rest of the country, but it has been a rainy mess here in upstate New York. It’s just been grey, thunderstorms are a daily occurrence and, to add insult to injury, it has been on the chilly side.So this morning I was slightly confused by this bright orange globe in the sky. I’d almost forgotten what a sunny day looked like in Albany. I’m taking this as a sign of good things to come; the yucky weather certainly hasn’t done much to life people’s spirits lately (mine included).

Another good omen – the pop culture roundup! While I’m enjoying some sunshine, get yourself caught up on the pop culture that you might have missed in the last week.




  • Murder on the Orient Express:


  • Room 104:


  • The Mountain Between Us:


  • The Deuce:


  • American Made:


  • It Comes At Night:


  • Ballers, season 3:


  • Three new spots for The Dark Tower:




  • Preacher, season 2:


  • Broad City, season 4:


  • The Mist:


  • The Last Tycoon:


  • Seven Sisters:


  • Numb, at the Edge of the End:


  • Swedish Dicks:


  • Manhunt Unibomber:






Odds and Ends

Mashups and Supercuts

  • The Red Keep from Game of Thrones recreated in LEGOs:


  • A supercut of characters saying the name of the movie that they are in:


  • 40 Years of Hip Hop:


  • The Gang says God Dammit:


  • He-Man meets DMX:


  • Sesame Street parodies Orange Is the New Black:



Pop Culture Odds and Ends – World Cup Edition

Every four years, the United States is swept with soccer fever to coincide with the World Cup. While the rest of the planet watches the sport year round, it hasn’t quite taken over the U.S. like baseball, basketball, hockey and football have. It’s made some definite in roads over the last decade or so, but for most Americans the only time that they watch any soccer is during the tournament. I am a more frequent soccer watcher, having grown up playing the sport, but I am in no means an avid fan. The World Cup is one of my favorite sporting events, however, because the people who go out to watch the matches are typically very friendly and it is fun to chant and be in a packed bar drinking good beer. Right now, it helps fill the void that has been left by the end of Game of Thrones and Orange is the New Black. God forbid I pick up a book or clean my apartment. And it’s easy to get excited about a sporting event that only comes around as often as a presidential election. Team USA is off to a surprisingly good start, which adds to the festivities; I didn’t go out for the first match, but I am hoping to do so for the next two. It loses a little something in translation when you are watching the game home alone on your computer.

But while the world is focused on the World Cup, I haven’t forgotten about the world of pop. If you’ve been distracted by the matches, here’s your chance to catch up on what you may have missed. Even the World Cup is no excuse for slacking on your pop culture duties.

  • Brian Williams “rapping” never seems to get old:


  • Jimmy Fallon makes Kevin Hart face his fear of roller coasters:


  • Samuel L. Jackson still knows his famous speech from Pulp Fiction:


  • The networks passed on the pilot of the adaptation of the YA series Delirium, but it will show on Hulu.
  • Part of The LEGO Movie Blu-ray release is a spoof trailer for Michelangelo and Lincoln: History Cops:


  • The Washington Post used math to predict when George R.R. Martin will finish A Song of Ice and Fire.


  • OK Go debuted another cool music video:


  • There was a mini-Blossom reunion:


  • Check out the first clip of the second season of Drunk History:


  • Rumor Willis tweeted an interesting photo of her famous dad on Father’s Day.

Time for some trailers

  • Clive Owen in the new Cinemax series The Knick:


  • Idris Elba in No Good Deeds:


  • Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue:


  • Dolphin Tale 2 with Harry Connick Jr.


  • A new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy:


  • Christoph Waltz in The Zero Theorem:


  • Michael Keaton in Birdman:


  • Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee – season 4:


  • The first full trailer for The Expendables 3:


  • The Inbetweeners 2:


  • NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio made good on his Stanley Cup on Jimmy Kimmel Live!:


  • The author of Flowers for Algernon has died.

As always, we end with the mashups and supercuts

  • Animals dancing to Salt-n-Pepa’s “Push It”


  • This dude inserted himself into Britney Spears’ “Work Bitch”


  • A supercut of ridiculous on-screen deaths in movies:


  • Game of Thrones meets SPCA commercials (spoilers):


  • A fan mashed up footage from a ton of movies to create a trailer for the Marvel universe:



I would watch the HELL out of that show.

  • It probably does not speak well of me that I find this Maury “You are NOT the father” dance compilation so entertaining:


  • Hodor does not do well on The Family Feud:


  • And finally….The Book of Mormon comes to South Park: