Birthday fun facts

I’m generally taking today off to celebrate my birthday, but I stumbled upon some fun pop culture facts about today that I thought were worth sharing:

  • Today marks the 75th anniversary of the release of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. I’ve not read any of Tolkien’s books, but I really enjoyed the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. I actually dropped a Gollum reference last night at the movie screening I attended. But from what I’ve heard about the Hobbits, I think we would get along famously – we’re both really short and like to eat. I’m actually working on my “second breakfast” as we speak. A co-worker brought me in some fabulous pastries:


The Hobbit will be made into a trilogy of movies, the first to be released in December. Peter Jackson is back behind the camera, so the film is in good hands. To commemorate today’s anniversary, they have released a new trailer for the first installment



  • It is also the anniversary of Where’s Waldo; the guy in the striped hat and glasses turns 25 today. I’m a little too old to have gotten in on the Waldo phenomena, but I spent plenty of time searching for him with my brother and the kids that I babysat. That guy could be seriously hard to find! There are all sorts of celebrations planned around the globe; the Empire State Building will be red and white this evening in his honor.

I am happy say that I am much closer in age to Waldo than the Hobbit, which makes getting another year older a little easier. I’ve already received some great pop culture related gifts, including this vintage (as in from the 80s) Muppet glass from loyal blog reader Alex

I had the whole collection of these as a kid, so this brought back some great memories.

This is a great weekend for pop culture. Lots of new movies are being released today (including Trouble with the Curve) and the Prime-time Emmys are Sunday night. Expect a roundup of the festivities on Monday, assuming I survive this evening’s festivities.