Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Did You Miss Me? Edition



What a difference a few days off can make! While I did miss blogging for all of you while I was on vacation, the time away did me good. I feel so refreshed and energized after my brief hiatus; my co-workers are probably wishing that I had done this a while ago. I even managed to not check work email until day 4 of being away. Considering that I am the same person who has answered work correspondence while on a ride at EPCOT and during a live show at the Dallas Zoo, this is a minor miracle.

I didn’t forget about you all while I was recharging; I may have blown off all work responsibilities, but I made sure to keep tabs on the world of pop culture even while laying out by the pool. I couldn’t leave you hanging; that’s not my style. So while I enjoy the residual effects of a little R&R, peruse your biweekly roundup and check out some of the stellar pop culture nuggets that I’ve compiled.

  • A&E has ordered a season of Carlton Cuse’s adaptation of the French series The Returned. The original is sitting on my DVR.
  • Some day, The Tonight Show editing clips together to make Brian Williams rap will no longer be funny. Today is not that day:



  • Watch a live read of Space Jam with Blake Griffin:


  • Lucasfilms announced that the books and comics that make up the expanded universe are no longer part of the Star Wars canon.
  • The Fifth Element as an 8 bit video game:


  • Congrats to Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis on the birth of their son:


  • Courtney Love is releasing new music:



  • I’ve just discovered the webseries EconPop, which mixes pop culture and economics. Right up my alley!
  • The Peter Dinklage Game of Thrones theme shouldn’t be this amusing – but it is:


  • My new favorite Game of Thrones character is Ser Pounce:


  • Seth Meyers sits down with a grown up Little Orphan Annie:


And now, a break for some trailers

  • An extended trailer for The Fault in Our Stars:


  • HBO has released a new trailer for The Leftovers:


  • Mike Myers (yup, that Mike Myers) makes his directoral review with the documentary Supermensch:


  • A new teaser for Louie, featuring my pal Jerry Seinfeld:


  • Richard Linklater’s new film Boyhood looks pretty good; it has a lot of buzz around it at Sundance:


  • A new trailer for Sin City A Dame to Kill For:


Madden 15 will hit stores August 26th:


Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd in They Came Together:


A teaser for the final season to True Blood:


The first look at Lifetime’s Petals on the Wind. You know I’ll be watching:


Clint Eastwood’s adaptation of Jersey Boys:


  • Head over to NPR to listen to Dolly Parton’s new album (her 42nd!).

As always, we wrap things up with the mashups and supercuts:

  • A$AP Ferg and “Let It Go”


  • If you speed up Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire,” it sounds a little like Dolly Parton:


  • A new mod allows you to play Grand Theft Auto as Princess Ana:


  • Local reporters can’t pronounce Lupita Nyong’o’s name:


  • There have been a lot of threats of prison rape in TVs and the movies:


  • A Frozen/ “Thriller” mashup:


  • A slow jams version of the DuckTales theme song:


  •  The Firefly gang as Scooby Doo:
  • Forrest Gump credits done in the style of Wes Anderson:


  • A supercut of Walter White’s transformation on Breaking Bad:


  • And finally…THIS is how How I Met Your Mother should have ended (spoilers if you didn’t see the finale):

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