Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Rain, Rain, Go Away Edition

I am seriously over all the rain that we’ve been getting lately; it seems like every other day I’m getting notifications on my phone about the potential for flash floods in the area. While I don’t mind a little bit of rain – I do love a good thunderstorm – this is getting out of hand. I feel like we haven’t had much of a summer since there has been rain or a genuine threat of rain most days. It makes it hard to enjoy the warmer weather and do anything outside. My office picnic was derailed today because of the pending storms, which stinks because I was really looking forward to a half-day today. Instead, we’ll get to worry if the basement of our buildings will flood and if the road will close because of poor drainage. That isn’t relaxing for anyone. I feel the worst for kids who are on summer break – and the parents that have been forced to entertain them because of the crappy weather. That’s not what anybody wanted.

On the plus side – all this rain has made it easier for me to keep up with the pop culture roundups. Pending storms last night meant that I was in no mood to go out and the weather in Baltimore forced the postponement of the Yankees game so I had plenty of free time. Maybe Mother Nature really likes these weekly compilations. So if you are cooped up in the house facing yet another rainy day, here’s a look at some of the pop culture you might have missed in the last week to help occupy your time.

  • Conan O’Brien, Andy Richter and Will Arnett react to hearing of Williams’ passing during taping:


  • Here’s something that isn’t depressing…the “apparently” kid was auto-tuned:


  • Jimmy Fallon is back with another pop culture parody – House of Cue Cards:


  • Crafty friends – someone needs to make this for me, STAT:


  • The new Captain America movie and Batman v Superman were originally slated to be released on the same day, but DC backed down.
  • The Rock’s mom and cousin were hit head on by a drunk driver. Both are thankfully OK.
  • Brothers Manning rap about fantasy football:


  • Allison Williams had her first flying lesson in preparation for her role as Peter Pan:


  • Jason Sudeikis brings back his Coach Lasso character for NBC Premier League coverage:


  • Best line: “I think I literally have a better understanding of who killed Kennedy than I do what is offsides.” <pause> “It was the mob.”
  • Last week I mentioned a guy who started a Kickstarter for Kenny Loggins to perform in his living room. If he reaches his goal, Kenny Loggins is IN.

A break for some trailers:

  • AMC dropped a teaser trailer (emphasis on teaser) for Better Call Saul during their Breaking Bad marathon:


  • This sneak peek at the Saved by the Bell Lifetime movie is all I could have hoped for:


  • Adrian Brody in The History Channel’s Houdini:


  • Tommy Lee Jones in The Homesman:


  • The final season of Sons of Anarchy full length trailer:


  • The Theory of Everything:


  • Another look at The Penguins of Madagascar:


  • A full length trailer for Boardwalk Empire:


  • The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel:


  • A trailer for The Best of Me, the latest Nicholas Sparks adaptation:


  • Kristen Stewart in Camp X-ray:


  • John Cusack and Ryan Phillippe in Reclaim:



  • Michael Cera pulled a Beyonce last night and released a surprise album – partially a surprise because who would expect Cera to release an album?



  • Actor Danny Murphy, who appeared in There’s Something About Mary, has passed away.
  • A dude from True Blood is engaged to a chick from The Hunger Games.

As always, we end with the mashups and supercuts


  • Keeping Up With the Kardashians with the Kardashians edited out is just a snapshot of Bruce Jenner’s life:




  • Ginuwine’s “Pony Time” meets Home Improvements:


  • These posters prove what I already know – Groot should be in every movie:



  • A LEGO recreation of The Walking Dead trailer:



  • Pinky and the Brain meets Pulp Fiction:


  • Arcade Fire covered the Back to the Future theme:


  • Muppets + Beastie Boys = Perfection:




  • And finally…you wouldn’t think a mashup of Frozen and Fifty Shades of Grey would work, but it does:



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