Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Welcome to September Edition

I don’t know how this happened, but it’s September already. Wasn’t it just the 4th of July? This last month of summer has just flown by; I thought that I had a lot of time to do everything left on my summer bucket list and that is apparently not in the cards. I love autumn, but I don’t know if I’m quite ready for the barrage of new television that is on the horizon. I could have used a few more weeks of the lazy, hazy days of summer. I didn’t even take a summer vacation!

But time marches on, just as the world of pop culture. I’ve search the interwebs far and wide to bring you the best that pop culture has to offer. So while we enjoy these last final days of summer, get yourself caught up on all the pop culture that you may have missed.


  • Tom Hardy – secret Dubsmash master:




  • Dave Grohl – still awesome:


  • Of possible interest……

Time for some trailers…..

  • Will Smith in Concussion:


  • New Star Wars teaser:


  • Longmire, season 4:


  • A new teaser for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah:


  • Scream Queens:


  • All Things Must Pass, a documentary about Tower Records:


  • The final season of Downton Abbey:


  • Keanu Reeves in Knock Knock:


  • Nicolas Cage in Pay the Ghost:


  • Love the Coopers:


  • MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles:


  • Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel in Youth:


  • Jack Black in Goosebumps:


  • Homeland season 5:


  • Bill Murray in Rock the Kasbah:


  • He Named Me Malala:


  • John Leguizamo appears in Justin Bieber’s new video:


  • J.K Rowling wished Harry Potter’s son good luck at this first day at Hogwarts:


  • T-Pain sings the National Anthem:


As always, we end with the mashups and supercuts……

  • Hannibal with the Friends theme is a different show:


  • A mashup of Katy Perry and The Weeknd:




  • Some sports related mashups. First up Pittsburgh Pirates and Family Matters:


  • The Chicago Cubs meets Perfect Strangers:


  • Kelly Clarkson kills this cover of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”:


  • Here’s Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles singing Lynyrd Skynyrd:


  • The Dirty Suicide Squad:


  • Disturbed covers Simon and Garfunkel:


  • Straight Outta Compton: Ben Folds Edition:


  • Donald Trump + Deadpool = Trump Pool:


  • “Bad Dreams” (a Taylor Swift/Beck mashup):


  • A Sopranos/Seinfeld mashup:


  • What if Joffrey was the hero of Game of Thrones?


  • And finally, Taylor Swift and Lisa Kudrow perform “Smelly Cat”:

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